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Pets and hotels?

February 7th, 2007, 09:24 AM
If we decide to go away for a few days, and decide to take our 1yr old dog with us, how does it work in the hotels that do except pets?

What do we do if we want to go out for dinner, or shopping in the malls, or even swimming in the hotel? Do we leave the dog in the room? And hope it doesn't destroy the room, or whine and bark?

We haven't done this before, and also haven't put her in a kennel either.

February 7th, 2007, 03:18 PM
We travel with out cat's so I am not too sure about dog's. From what I understand though you sign a form stating that you are responsible for any damage done by your pet. Your not suppose to leave them alone in the room. We have left our cats alone to go to dinner or if we had to make a quick trip to the store but they don't bark. We try to find a restaurant that deliver's to the hotel so we don't have to leave. When you get to the hotel room stay with him/her for awhile to help him/her adjust, bring toys and a favorite blanket/bed(so it smells like home). We keep the water dish etc.. in the bathroom so it is easy to clean up after. If they like to lay on the people bed take one of the hair pick up things with you(so they won't know he/she was on there). Check out the room and hide things that he/she might want to get into(our cat's love plastic bags so we have to hide anything wrapped in it etc..). You can try leaving the room and hang out in the hallway for a bit and see if he/she start's barking. Also leave the t.v on, it will help to drown out outside noise( but not too loud of course). On a side note we take water from home with us or bottled water for the cat's as sometimes water from different towns can give them the poops. We haven't had trouble when we have forgotten but if he/she has a sensitive tummy might be a good idea.

Best wishes and safe and happy travels.
Maybe someone who has a dog will have better ideas/info.

February 7th, 2007, 03:32 PM
I have no idea! Maybe bring a crate or put her in the bathroom while you're gone or something (after puppy proofing of course).

Welcome back, eh? :)

February 7th, 2007, 03:48 PM
Also hang the do not disturb sign on the door at all times (unless your expecting food) so no one comes, ie.housekeeping. I would also keep the curtains closed so no one can see inside if you leave him alone.

I was trying to find info on the net but am having a hard time

The little I did find all suggest having a crate and to crate the dog if you must leave him/her alone. You can ask the hotel about leaving your dog alone and see what they say, for when you use the pool.

February 7th, 2007, 04:07 PM
Hi There!

I have travelled a few times with my dog..A couple times to Mont Tremblant skiing and also to Ottawa...Alot of places are pet friendly...But you have to read the fine print or most places will tell you whether or not they can be let in the room unattended..some places just make you sign for any possible damage, while others state "pets cannot be left unattended"..

I always take my is something my dog is used too! I have also left him out of it and he was good but you always worry if they are getting into something! The other thing I never thought of was the elevator in the hotel we stayed at in Ottawa! My dog had never been on one..when we arrived and had to go to the 12th floor he did not seem to like the elevator! as soon as I got him in the room he threw up all over the place! yuk! I guess it was like motion sickness??

Lots of places offer it and they also charge a little more for having to clean the room after you leave! (just a money grab I think!) after all most responsible pet owners will clean up after their dog!

Good Luck

February 7th, 2007, 05:42 PM
I've taken Petey to a hotel once. It was fun! :) We had to pay an extra $20for him on top of their normal rates and they assigned us to one of their designated "pet rooms." (Much like they have smoking and non-smoking rooms, they had pet rooms as well). It of course looked exactly the same. I asked them on the phone ahead of time if they had any requirements, and this one didn't, other than being leashed outside the room of course. So he walked right through the front doors and into the lobby with us, to the front desk, up the elevator and to our room. :)

This hotel then had a little "dog area" in their back where it was basically a big field for the dogs to do their business. I brought Petey back there at night before going to sleep and took him back out there again in the morning. In the morning, we ate in their little breakfast nook in their lobby and he sat on the floor under our table. He was the only dog I saw during our stay there, but it was very smooth and actually fun. I had brought his doggie bed from home, his bowls, toys, treats, and leash, so used all my normal stuff from home for his care.

Quite fun and easy!

ETA, we brought Petey with us whenever we left the hotel and left him in the car while we ate at a restuarant (it was spring and nice temps) and he went everywhere else with us. We had planned ahead with our excursions to be all outdoor where he could come along. A few places had gift shops or one of the afternoons we wanted to go shopping, so we just took turns waiting with him outside in those situations while we walked up and down the streets to the various shops. He did GREAT!

February 7th, 2007, 07:47 PM
We travelled across Canada with 2 dogs and we usually had to pay $5 a night/per dog and could not leave them unattended, any barking they said they would throw us out. I sent my husband out for food and ate in our room. We usually only stayed one night in each hotel so it wasn't a problem.