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Starting to dislike my veterinarian!!

February 6th, 2007, 04:59 PM
Urgh!!!! Moxy and I just got back from her vet appointment and I'm rather annoyed with their pricing and extra tests that they seem to make mandatory.

I love my dog and I would pay a great deal for her health but I've never had to do fecal samples with my cats and I've never been charged for having my vet take a peek at their bum.

She has had all of her shots as of today, which is fine, I can deal with an extra shot that maybe another vet doesn't give. But my vet has sent me home with a fecal sample kit and for the next week I have to monitor my dog's bathroom visits and take samples. I'm not sure if anyone else has done this or if their vet has asked them to do it. I'm sure I could have turned it down but then I feel like I'm not taking my pets health seriously when I honestly do, I just don't feel that this test is necessary.

Also, I don't know what your vet charges for a spay of a 7 month old dog, but mine is charging $199 and I'm sure that's doesn't cover the pre-op visit that is required or some other things that come up afterwards, followed by a $70 blood work test. There is a spay/neuter clinic in my city that only does this service and will spay Moxy for $80. My brother had his dog, a female JRT, done there and it went fine so I don't doubt the quality or concern for my pet.

Then to top this visit off I mentioned that Moxy has been licking her rear after she poops or farts, not every time but kind of frequent, so he takes a look and then decides to, sorry for lack of better terms, squeeze her butt glands. Another charge added to my bill that I could have done without. Then he slips in that I should change her food to Medi-Cal (the brand their office sells) to reduce her flatulence and the smelliness of them. I'm no expert but I don't think that it's a major health concern for her to have some smelly gas, I do and I'm perfectly healthy!!!

Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm over-reacting but I feel like my vet is taking me for every penny I've got. I'm moving back to my hometown in July and will need to switch vets then but I'm thinking about doing it sooner rather than later.

Sorry for the rant, it's just rubbing me the wrong way today.

February 6th, 2007, 05:19 PM
Doesnt sound like a bad price,last 2 spays we did were $250 and $225 which were pretty cheap ime.

Where can you get a dog spay for $80?

Checking her glands and a fecal sounds reasonable to me. :shrug:

February 6th, 2007, 05:26 PM
I am in Toronto and do not find the prices charged or the services provided unusual.

February 6th, 2007, 05:27 PM
London has two veterinary clinics that do spay and neuters specifically, I asked why it's so cheap and they say because they want people to get their animals fixed. They do exactly the same things as any vet would do but they reduce the cost so that people will actually get it done.

I could also take her to my hometown to the vet that I plan on switching to and have her fixed for $120 and this vet has been around since I was a kid and we've dealt with her before and she's great.

I know that it can be done at a more reasonable price with the same care taken.

February 6th, 2007, 05:31 PM
I just got bree spayed and it cost me all together with tax 300.00$ that is with an over night stay. my other vet bring her in the morning and pick her up at night and it was the same price. so i opped for the over night stay one.

February 6th, 2007, 07:48 PM
The prices sound fair to me but I don't know why you have to monitor her bowel movements if she's not really having any problems. Getting a fecal sample checked is a good idea though to make sure she doesn't have any parasites as some can be passed on to people. As for the medical helping to reduce the gas, well I doubt it will, everyone I know (mostly vet tech's, get brainwashed by the reps) who has had their dog on medical has gas. She may have only been licking her bum becasue the anal glads were full and were not being completely expressed on their own, could be food but I would just keep an eye on if it were me and if need be switch foods but not to medical which seems to be just if not more gassy. Everyone and thing has stinky toots :yuck: now and then if it were all the time then maybe something would need to be changed.

February 6th, 2007, 08:50 PM
Just remember that a lot of the time, they're cheaper for a reason... The vet I used to work at was cheaper than anybody around and trust me, it wasn't worth the price difference...:o :sick:

But yeah, there's a charge for anal glands and that's what is usually the cause of excess hiney licking...

Gas.. Well, different food can help if the gas is bad, but medi-cal probably won't help (craaap!). Gas in humans isn't as bad... For a dog, too much gas can lead to bloat which is super life threatening and dangerous. Read this link to learn about bloat:

February 6th, 2007, 10:08 PM
My boy is on medi-cal for specific reasons right now and let me just agree with everybody else here... it's NOT going to get rid of the gas, noooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

February 6th, 2007, 11:49 PM
Hi there,I had a question?The discount place in London that I used 3 1/2 years ago was $170,not sure what it would be now.

Can you answer the question please?Thanks!!

Where can you get a dog spay for $80?

February 7th, 2007, 07:26 AM
Those prices sound very reasonable. The low-cost spay neuter clinics are very good places, however, you're not going to get the same level of service. Will your dog probably be fine if you go there? Yes. But if your dog has a hear murmur or some such that you don't know about and dies under anesthetic, won't you always wonder?

February 7th, 2007, 08:01 AM
It cost me $199 to have my dog neutered! a spay is much more. in fact, I think I paid nearly $200 to have my cat spayed. IMO, a spay and neuter is well worth the price.

as for the fecals... my vet requested a fecal sample when my dog was a pup - to be sure worms were gone, otherwise, fecals are not part of a routine checkup (unless the dog is showing obvious signs of illness). If my dog is going to attend daycare, I will run a sample in to be checked, per order of the daycare, but that's it.

February 7th, 2007, 12:15 PM
Hi there,I had a question?The discount place in London that I used 3 1/2 years ago was $170,not sure what it would be now.

Can you answer the question please?Thanks!!

Northdale Animal Clinic in London will spay a dog under 50 lbs for $88 or over 50 lbs $88 + $1 per pound over the 50.

This is the add in the Yellow Pages and the same clinic my brothers dog was spayed at, I feel pretty confident that they'll take the same amount of care with my dog as my current vet would.

I don't mind doing this fecal sample thing, it's only costing me $30. I'm just annoyed that he pushed their brand of dog food on me again and that there will likely be a charge for the pre-op appointment on top of the $199 that I'd be paying and there was no mention of that cost. Everyone here seems to think it's a reasonable price but a majority seem to be from larger cities as well, I come from a town of 34,000 and the vets there don't charge an arm and a leg for their services so I guess I just find it strange. I could see if this vet was specialized in something but he's not, he's got the exact same three letters after his name as any other vet, D.V.M., so why charge more?

February 7th, 2007, 12:43 PM
There may be more information that you mentioned to your vet that you didn't say here that probably had your vet do checks/procedures to help with. Nothing you mentioned seemed out of the ordinary to me. Expessing anal glands is important if she was not doing it on her own. Unless you have been shown exactly what to do you could harm them trying to do it yourself. Every animal going in for surgery should have the blood tests done, pre-op work up. Something may show up that would have killed them if they had been put under, well worth the money.

The food, well you could have declined that if you wanted to. If you haven't opened it yet, return it.

February 7th, 2007, 01:01 PM
I don't think the prices I have seen in this thread are excessive, and the fecal kit is something that I do at least twice a year.
As far as Northdale Animal Hospital, I don't think any vet in London can beat the knowledge of Dr. Hoover or Dr. Francis.

February 7th, 2007, 01:05 PM
My Miniature Pinscher was spayed in September of last year, and the cost was $159.00 plus tax...(she even got a bonus bandana! :D ) I know that a large breed is more expensive, as more anesthetic is required, perhaps other factors pertaining to a larger animal. My Bullmastiff was neutered last year and the cost was $156.00. bunny was neutered and it cost $100.00 if I remember correctly! I don't think your location would decrease or increase the cost of a spay, and your quoted price seems reasonable considering the size of your dog. Remember that for spay operations, your vet will most likely want to keep your dog overnight for observation and to keep her quiet. My vet asks if I choose to have bloodwork done prior to the surgery, I think to check liver function is an extra cost, but it is a service and optional. I don't know anything about the fecal tests, but IMO I think you can choose a better quality food than the MediCal.
It's always your perogative to change vets if you feel like they are charging more than is in your comfort level. The important thing is that your girl is getting spayed and receiving quality healthcare. :)

February 7th, 2007, 05:55 PM
That's the thing Purpledomino, my vet isn't keeping her overnight, it's an outpatient surgery. He also said that the blood work will be done after her surgery. He went over what is included in the $199, I don't remember all of it but she's getting an IV, the pain medication, the anesthetic, which he mentioned is a different kind than most vets use, and a couple other things. I don't see it costing more for the anesthetic because she's a really small dog and she'll only weigh 40lbs, at the most, by the time she goes in.

In response to 4thedogs, I told the vet that she's been licking a bit, he asked if she's been scooting her rear on the carpet, which she hasn't been, he asked about her poops, they're solid pretty much all of the time, about the only time it's soft is when we get to the dog park and she gets all excited and then it's pretty runny. He took a look, said they were full but didn't look irritated, he didn't seem too concerned in my opinion and then he said he's empty them anyways. I kind of felt that if it didn't need to be done than he could have left it or he could have said that there is a charge for this service and left it up to me whether I wanted to pay. If he had left it and it persisted I would have brought her back immediately to have it done.

IMO I think that the prices for your typical services (ie. shots, spay/neuter, flea treatment, etc) at a veterinary should be the same no matter where you take them. There's such a concern for pet owners to get their animal fixed but it's discouraging for some people, like myself that are on a budget and want the best care for their animal, when they walk into a vet and see that it's going to cost $200 or $300 to have it done.

Mocha's mum
February 7th, 2007, 07:23 PM
It cost me $199 to have my dog neutered! a spay is much more. in fact, I think I paid nearly $200 to have my cat spayed. :eek: I thought the $90 I payed for Mocha to be neutered was bad; and they had to 'go in' because he was a bilateral chryptorchid (his testicles never descended).

I've never had to do a fecal smear....and my vet doesn't charge to express the anal glands I pay one price for the visit, and that could include anything except of course for X-rays or blood work, and $32 for Mocha's medication refills.

I guess it just goes to show how vets (like nurses and EMS folk) differ across the board :goodvibes:

February 8th, 2007, 10:32 AM
I'm shopping for vets again. Friend made a good point. No one ever said I have to stick to one clinic.. Cider's spay 2 years ago was $240, was outpatient and that was no bloodwork. Included an umbilical hernia repair.

Cider was having gland issues and it cost $35 to express them on top of my $60 office visit. Turns out HW testing will be the same.. $60 to go.. then $25+ to do the bloodwork. Think I'll find another clinic by spring, since my office visit charge never covers anything.

February 9th, 2007, 07:04 AM
Fecal cost is $25 to $30 is cheap protection against a potential yard hookworm infestation which can borrow into the skin of humans, there and no chemicals to treat yards so at least 6 inches of topsoil need to be removed and hauled away, new soil brought in and new sod laid, I think the $30 is worth it.

A spay is the same as a full hysterectomy in a human that is a majory surgery,

What grade of anesthesia is used at a low cost spay clinic, will it be the safer human grade? Do they tailor the anesthesia products used by the breed, some will use barbituates, used those in sighthounds and you will kill them, anesthesia involves a combo of drugs not just one, the pre work blood test helps the vet choose the safest combo for the pet, my dogs get different combos when they need to go under, factors can include age, existing health conditions, how long they will be under, breed and blood work results. pre surgery bloodwork I would never skip. one of my dogs has a clotting disorder, it is not something that you want to learn in the middle of a surgery, because 95% of the time the vet will be unable to save their life. All the values the bloodwork provides helps the vet determine if any drug risks,clotting times are also measured, for my older dogs once 7 years and old get even more detailed blood tests, so more things can be checked to help ensue they get through surgery/anesthesia okay

Whenever you take your dog in to be put under a general anesthesia, you will be required to sign a waiver releasing the vet from responsibility should your dog die on the operating table, the reason is because dogs do die, it could be from an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, it could be because of an underlying medical condition. There is no one anesthesia combo that will be safe for all dogs.

My chinese cresteds neuter was about the same as what you are being quoted for a spayed and as others mentioned your vets costs are very reasonable, especially for being in the City of London, my vet has not had a crested as a patient, so before neutering he contacted the guelph veterinary college to check to see if there was any anesthesia concerns he needed to be aware of , a place that does low cost spays and neuter is not going to go thru that kind of trouble, they use one standard anesthesia combo, if a dog dies, oh well, they are protected by the signed waiver.

If you think $200 is a lot, do not move to Toronto many places it will be over $400, my mom is in Kitchener and has a shih tzu it was around $350 for her spay, last year.

27 years ago anesthesia was not covered under OHIP, the surgery itself was, I required general ansthesia twice, it was $300 each time, today if you had to pay out of pocket it would probably cost $1000, if you consider your dog is getting a completerhysterectomy plus anesthesia ,plus IV, plus pain meds for a 1/5th of the cost of human anesthesia alone that is a darned good deal, I would not be surprised if an identical surgery billed to OHIP was over $15,000

I am sure many of us here can show you vet bills that have run into the thousands,

You said your dog is small, many of the small breeds will have bad teeth, dentals can run anywhere from a $150 to $800, I have one dog that has to be done every year, because his teeth are so bad, Small breeds commonly have knee problems surgery to correct can easily cost $5000 if both knees.

One person here has already spent $6000 just in tests trying to find out why her dog is vommitting and having diareahha constantly, she still has no answer, I am sure she would be delighted to only have a $200 spay to deal with.

I have dealt with the same vet for over 15 years, I am a multiple pet owner, I have never went elsewhere even for meds looking for bargain deals, as a loyal term client, a vet will give you breaks here and there, not charging for some stuff or reducing cost for some procedures, the first few years until you are an establish customer you will not see many breaks, 2-3 years ago I got hit hard with health came issues in 2 of my dogs plus 2 that year also had dental, and I also had a dog that had an injury probably related to her bone cancer, I need several x-rays in 2 of the dogs, 6 of xrays he did not charge me for each were full slide x-ray normally $100 each, he deducted 8 extractions at 30 each, one of the dogs needed extensive blood tests that had to go to outside labs some where to the US for test, he did not charge for the draws or the overnight courier service to get the blood to Texas and to North Carolina, some meds he gave for free others at cost, that one year he wrote off about $1300 in vet bills, he has never charged for overnight stays for my dogs( i have no idea what other pay for overnight costs, on one ocassion where an injury/ then surgery was not healing properly he had kept the dog for 5 days since I was working fulltime and could not be home with the dog, all I had to do is provide my own food, I would not have enjoyed some of the big discounts I had recieved on the more complicated issues if I had went elsewhere for some of the more common stuff, so my annual vet costs would have more when the bigger problems came along