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Scratching at the door

February 5th, 2007, 11:13 AM
This is kinda a pet peeve for me, ...
When Bailey wants out, he sits so nice at the door and kinda waits for someone to notice him... so we tie him out (yes, tie him out) and let him do his buisness... BUT.
Lately he goes out, runs a bit and then returns to the door and scratches it like a mad man.:frustrated: without even peeing. Then once we let him in, he sits at the door again.:frustrated:
This has just started... and I really want to stop this, any suggestions?

February 5th, 2007, 11:14 AM
maybe it's too cold for him??

February 5th, 2007, 11:29 AM
He's not left out there, just long enough to do his "stuff" but he isnt doing anything.... but wants to????
I really dont mind letting him out 100 times in a day, its just the door scratching thats bothering me.

February 5th, 2007, 11:35 AM
Does he get a treat when he gets back in ? This could be the "golden syndrome" :D

February 5th, 2007, 11:38 AM
No he doesnt get a treat, ( have to keep an eye out on his weight, he's a bit hefty :lovestruck: ) when he comes in, he has to sit before his leash is detached, and wait till i wipe his feet off ( he actually picked up on this REALLY fast) Then he tears through the house in a "psycho run" then goes and lays down with what ever he may have found in his little run.

February 5th, 2007, 11:44 AM
I guess he just wants to go outside and smell the flowers....I know this works for cats, maybe for dogs ; if you put aluminium foil on the door where he scratches ? Or tape....