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PETS magazine

January 30th, 2007, 02:05 PM
So I'm at the vets to pick Missy up and I flick through the free mag, PETS Nov/Dec 2006, page 7 has a colomn with the heading "The Skinny on Canine diet"
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"A story in the last issue of PETS implied that dogs are strictly carnivores (obesity weights heavy on pet health, Sept-Oct 2006 pf.22) and that high carbohydrate foods are partly to blame for the rise in obesity prevelance among dogs. While it's true that, just as in humans, too many calories from things like fats and carbohydratesand not enough exersize may cause weight gain, dogs are actually omnivores. In fact they are sometimes referred to as 'opportunivores' given their propensity to eat whatever is available. There is some debate as to whether or not dogs are innate meat eaters who ahve mearly evolved to survive on other scorces of food, but evidence does suggest that certain wild animals related to dogs-coyotes, for example-include melons, cherries and other fruit in their diet. What's important is that your dog recieves the propper nutrients from dog food that she needs to thrive, given her age and other health considerations, and enough exercise to stay trim and healthy. These nutrients can indeed come from a variety of sources, including plant and animal proteins, in her food. Your veterinarian can help guide you in choosing an appropriate dog food brand. And as we pointed out in the original article, remember that better eating and exersize habits will speed the process of canine weight loss, or prevent it altogether. Your dog should be walked everyday and never be given leftovers from your table. Bon appetit. "
OK is it me or is that wrong on so many levels, it made me want to ask the vets what would be the best food I could get, and I don't believe for a second it wouldn't be medical or Hills (that are sitting on the shelfs), sound like someone got a ticking off from a sponsor who advertises in the magazine about an article that was probably more informative than this one. I'm still trying to work out what would be so wrong from feeding left overs in comparison to a vet guided brand. Is something I eat not from plant or animal protein, I know it's not processed but maybe next month we are going to hear how processed vegatables are a healthy alternitive to steak:eek:
source from pets magazine

January 30th, 2007, 02:20 PM
Yeah, thats just silly. As i said before. In order for dogs to get nutrients from fruit & veggies they have to be ground up as dogs cannot break them down in their natural form. Sure they're great to give as treats and snacks but what does that tell ya about being an omnivore :rolleyes:

But your right. Sounds like they pi$$ed in someones cornflakes lol

January 30th, 2007, 02:30 PM
I hear you. My vet asked me one time what I was feeding, and I told her Innova. She basically told me that she thought I could do better considering what I paid per bag, and went on to tell me that Science Diet and MediCal were probably a better choice. Her reasoning was that these companies actually spend the money to do research on animal nutrition, and don't I want to feed what is tested scientifically on a consistent basis? I tried to bring up the notion that these foods contain corn products, and she said that corn isn't really a bad thing for dogs. She is an awesome vet, and I will still take my dogs to her....I will also still be feeding Innova Evo. :D

January 30th, 2007, 02:35 PM
what is tested on a consistent basis is Mother Nature's diet for carnivores :rolleyes: for millions of years actually. if it didn't work... there wouldn't BE any carnivores alive today :D

"DUH" :clown: and nevermind the "scientific" tinkerings of petfood companies... testing which is the best way to turn industry waste into profit$ in the name of "food for pets". :yuck: Hills, you've carved yourself a niche all right!

February 1st, 2007, 08:12 AM
I'm there Domino.. In 2.5 years I was never asked once what I fed by any of 4 vets.. Somehow accidentally got a different vet in my usual practice, and he FLIPPED on me. timberwolf is garbage and pulls out the hill's booklet. I said no way ever, I'm too informed for that.. and he told me how ignorant and uneducated I am.
Think I'll be using different vet practices for different things now, and not giving all my business to one.