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My Cat Isn't Pregnant Yet...I am Urged To Respond To Your Responses...

January 26th, 2007, 07:41 PM
Let Me Clarify a Few Things...

apparently, you all missed the point. if you re-read my post, you would realize that you all misunderstood what i was saying. i did state, right off the bat, that i agree that cats and dogs should be neutered or spayed. and you all seem to have this idea that my sole purpose for allowing my cat to have kittens is only to watch [and possibly videotape] my cat giving birth. WRONG! in fact it is most probable that we would not even see the actual birth. if my cat does have kittens and my cat shows any signs of difficulty... [which i have read extensively about-as well, my husband had many kittens born on his farm...which they kept and took well care of them]...i would immediately phone my vet, who lives up the road from us and even does housecalls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week-always there is a vet on call. i did say that once she has ONE litter, i would get her, kojak, and/or our male cat, cailou, "fixed". one member totally misread my post...i said ONE litter only, not " birth 5-6 times in a row." to me that would be senseless. for your information, throughout my entire lifespan, i HAVE watched many documentaries on animals giving birth including cats, horses, girafes, goats and so on. i have witnessed the mothers licking the embrionic sac off their young. the same member asked me if i knew that cats ate the placenta- yeah i did know that...and they aren't the only animals that do this. did you realize that mother gerbils eat their stillborn babies? YUCK! however, it is not my fault that they do that.
i have learned that a cat's first litter is usually quite small. i have a dog who is spayed- thank GOD - because i don't want any puppies because i don't want more than one dog. you all talk as if once the kittens are born i would dump them on the front doorstep of the humane society, or throw them out of our home to become strays. if it comes to fruition that my cat, kojak, has kittens, and since the first litter tends to be small, i will be giving one to a friend of mine who has a cat of her own and, from my observations, treats her cat well. the remaining kittens we would keep [and low and behold, once they get to the right age, they will be spayed and neutered as well].
our home is a loving home to all of our pets. for instance, each and every morning, as soon as i awaken, before i have anything to eat or drink myself, have a bath or shower or brush my teeth, i feed our two cats and our dog and i give them all plenty of water, and i check that our 2 birds have plenty of food and water and i feed my beta fish. i also clean out the cat litter boxes first thing every morning. right after breakfast, i, or my husband , or our 19 year old son takes the dog out for her walk [and to do her "thing"] and then one of us takes her out again in the evening. and we obey the bi-laws by picking up after our dog and keep her on a leash.
a few of you have called me and my family selfish. there is a bit of a hypocracy here, because you are all giving me the impression that you all want EVERY animal spayed or neutered. if that is the case, [and what if it is the law to do this as you are all so STRONGLY in favor of this], then if the parent cats and dogs of all of your cats and dogs,[ of which some of you have several] were all spayed and neutered, then you'd all be without YOUR cats and dogs whom you all love and adore. [they don't just fall out of the sky you know].

the following is a copy of the diary my daughter...[at the time she was 21 years old]...wrote about how our 3 year old cat, kojak, came into our LOVING family. this is what she wrote:

oct. 31,2003

first night home. bonnie gave me kojak at 9:30pm. kojak hasn't eaten in over 4 days, and she was sleeping in her own urine. she wouldn't move her eyes or her body much. i brought her home on my lap in a sweater in ed's van. laid in bed talking to her trying to get her to know that she was in good hands now.she moaned for five hours..went to sleep at 6:00 am.

nov. 1, 2003

woke up at 9:00 am. i packed my stuff and moved back to my parent's house. the ride was 2 hours. happy to be at my house now, cause kojak and i are safe now, and have plenty of food. i bought her purina kitten chow and a can of soft food., but she wouldn't eat it. so i went out again and bought her some whiskas tender bite packages, and she loved it.

nov.2, 2003

i went to mission was to get her whiskas kitten formula [milk] and some toys. bought her milk, litter scoop, nursing bottle to feed her water [she's not drinking near enough], a purple flea collar, soft food and a few cat books with facts, and a gift bag with 10 nice kitty toys, so i can try to make her happy, playful, and interactive. came up to $20.00, would have bought her more but didn't have the money.

nov. 3, 2003

kojak is still breaking my heart, she doesn't seem any better yet. so tomorrow kojak and i will be going to the vet.

nov. 4, 2003

took sweet baby kojak to the vet today. she got dewormed, nails clipped and a needle. she has an ear infection. i have to give her 3 drops in each ear 2 times a day for 5-7 days. the vet said i was doing a good job taking care of cost $60.00 [my mother paid the bill]. well worth the money.[and my mom helped me put the drops in her ears everyday]

nov. 5, 2003

my angel, kojak, played for the first time today. she was laying on her back in my mom's lap. i dangled her a sock with a bell toy and she grabbed at it...

nov. 6, 2003

she seems much healthier, because she is playful now and eating more at a time.

nov. 8, 2003

kojak played with maya's [our german sheppard dog] tail today. it's very cute to see wee little kojak think she can take on the dog. she's not scared of mya at all. she likes to sit beside her...

nov.9, 2003

my baby girl is starting to grow more. she thinks everything is amazing...

as the days progressed, my daughter wrote about the improvements in kojak's health and personal growth...then she wrote the following letter to kojak:

tues. nov. 17, 2003

dear sweet kojak,

i have had you now for 18 wonderful days...i adopted you on 0ct. 31... you gave me the gift of joy...i need you just as much as you needed me. remember, i came over to my friend's house to say goodbye to her because she was moving friend found out that i wanted a kitten - she told me that her ex- room-mate had kittens upstairs... i picked you up getting my hands wet, from all the urine in your kitty bed. i was in a dark room, i couldn't see well, but i was almost sure i was picking up a kitten. you were so limb and weak, you didn't want to be bothered, but had near to no strength to do anything about it either. all you were, kojak, was bones. my heart cried out for you so much.i started telling my friend how angry i was that how could her room-mate could ever let an animal get like this? she hadn't fed any of the cats in 4 days...kojak i knew i couldn't leave you there, you were in ten times worse shape than all the others, but i wasn't sure if i could take you because i was in bad shape as well. but this is what i love to do, help animals in need. God would help me help you. i knew somehow that i would find a way to take good care of all your needs. but kojak i was afraid you wouldn't live to see the next day.

later, my daughter moved back in with her boyfriend , but she couldn't take kojak with her because her boyfriend's mother wouldn't allow any cats in their my daughter gave kojak to me.

another thing i'd like to point out is that some of you have implied that i have young children- no, i have a 24 year old daughter [now married and with a one year old daughter of her own] they live in there own place with 2 beautiful cats. i have a 19 year old son who lives with me and my husband.
if my cat does have kittens, i will never give them to the [what i call] the inhumane society. since it would be most likely that we would keep the kittens, i would get them spayed or neutered when they get old enough. no, i am not a breeder [all of god's creations breed on their own free will -and it seems to be the way of nature-as seen by the population of ALL the animals, birds, bugs, humans and the way-not my fault]. and by the way i already do have cable tv, and have seen my share of documentaries and newscasts-both positive and negative-on all of God's creatures/creations. and i have heard, seen and known many so called "professional" or "champion" breeders who abuse and neglect their animals, who lose their breeding licences and some end up in jail for cruelty to their animals. i don't believe in and am appauled at people who breed cats to the point where they have as many as 80 cats in their home...sometimes they are abandoned for the lack of care...there's feces all over the home, cats starving to the point of death, dead and decaying cats lying around...there was an instance when a rottweiler was chained to the back of the owner's truck and dragged for miles behind the truck...the dog survived but not without being put through a lot of pain[his paws were bleeding and raw to the bone]. as a young child, i watched a documentary where they scalped little kittens heads and then put needles into their brains with no an adult i was told that cosmetic companies force the eyes of rabbits to be kept open as they rub make-up onto their eyeballs...there was a news story a few years ago that is so horrendous i will not tell of it on this site because i believe that Marko would appreciate it unmentioned...i'll just say that the 2 men involved should have gotten the death penalty. i'd rather witness the birth of kittens any day than hear about any of the horror stories that i mentioned in the above paragraph.

i , and my family love all of God's creations. i am an animal lover. i do pray, especially on devil's night [the night before halloween] that all cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, etc are all safe and left unharmed by people who think this is a night to hurt animals.

nevermind my "children" being scarred for life because of a stillborn , or even a deformed kitten...children as well as ADULTS are more scarred by some of the horrific stories i have mentioned in this post. the worst scarring in my family's life was the suicide of my 20 year old son. he took the roof key to the roof of our 14 story building and jumped to his death. he had been ill for a few years and couldn't stand the pain any longer. i had bought a puppy rotweiller before we got our german sheppard dog..apparently i had gotten a sick one and it died a few days later - i was so upset, i even tried mouth to mouth and CPR to no avail. but nothing compares to looking at your dead son lying in a casket and having to barry him six feet underground. he was 6'3 when he died-he didn't even make it to his 21st birthday. there were no signs of him going to commit suicide and my daughter told me that the worst thing in her life was her and her other brother closing the casket to their dear deceased brother.
i have cried an ocean of tears since he has died and i am quite a sensitive person as are the rest of my family....that is why i had asked for only positive feedback. i am NOT a "selfish" person and neither is the rest of my family. i felt by your responses that i was being attacked by vultures...all put downs and all with the assumption that i and my family knows nothing about our pets and animals in general. here's a little positive recommendation for all of you: watch Animal Miracles and other animal friendly shows like The Littlest Hobo.


January 26th, 2007, 08:01 PM
Why can't your friends adopt a kitten from the animal shelter? why do they need one from YOUR cat? What will happen if your cat needs an emergency C-section? Will you be willing to pay the $300? What if something happens and the question comes down to her life or the life of the kittens -- which will you choose? What are you going to do when herpregnancy turns out to be false and she suffers from a great deal of psychological trauma?

Unless your cat is purebred show stock with papers and has health clearances suitable for it's breed and you are only breeding for the better of the breed, she has no business being bred when there are so many cats and kittens dying in shelters.

I am a dog breeder. My dogs are registered, purebreds. They are show/working/sporting dogs. They have their eyes, hips, and elbows certified before being bred. I spend a great deal of time and money showing and trialling them and keeping them in good health. I spent alot of money on my litter last year, and only got one puppy -- and I kept him -- I spent/lost thousands of dollars on that litter. Am I sorry? No, I knew the risks going into it, I knew she might not even concieve, and I know I'm never going to make any money anyways. I spend literally hours evey night researching pedigrees. I can tell you every little problem that appears in their pedigree and I work to improve it.

This is what a reputable breeder does -- breeds for the betterment of the breed. There is no other reason to breed. I think you really need to ask yourself if it's worth the life of your cat and the lives of the cats in shelters to breed her "for a friend."

January 26th, 2007, 08:31 PM
This is what you wrote.

i would like my 2 year old male siamese cat to impregnate my 3 year old black and white cat so my family and my 2 cats can have a -hopefully- enjoyable experience of having a litter of kittens...once this is accomplished, i will get them spayed and neteured, because i don't want my female cat to have to go through more than one pregnancy [and having to give birth more than once


I don't think that getting them fixed afterwards is the point that is being made. Why put her through the risks in the first place. Do you have any idea what it does physically to them.

We have no choice than to assume when you post what you did and then just leave it. The excuse that you are doing it for the family would make anyone assume the kids were young. I have never heard of someone doing this for adult children. Do they even care. I am sure if your cats could speak they would opt out of it. Since they can't it is our responsibility to speak for them and the many more who are sitting in shelters because of just having a litter.

What will you do if your cat has 6 or more. Are you prepared to keep and fix them all.

Many people think that if you want a kitten then go adopt and save a life that is already here. You breed instead and that kitten you could have adopted dies because it couldn't find a home because there were just too many.

January 26th, 2007, 08:58 PM
Many people think that if you want a kitten then go adopt and save a life that is already here. You breed instead and that kitten you could have adopted dies because it couldn't find a home because there were just too many.

I second that.

January 26th, 2007, 09:04 PM
my thoughts too... too many cats and not enough homes :sad: WHY would anybody breed two cats (not even purebred with purebred, to boot) on purpose? :eek: it IS selfish! :mad:

January 26th, 2007, 09:12 PM
I think I missed a few things but did see the original post question. My thoughts are that if there hasn't been a pregnancy in a year, there most likely won't be one. I am no cat breeder, but if things aren't happening naturally, it does seem like the best idea is to spay and neuter them. Things just aren't working and after awhile there can be health effects ('female' problems and whatnot). I have to ask, why do you want them to have kittens? Reading your post above, it does seem that your family really loves animals. There are so many out there needing good homes, that is why people are advising to not breed them. Thousands are put to death every day. Why do you call it the 'inhumane society'? I have adopted several animals from our local shelter. Although there are some problems with the shelter, at least they are trying and it would be great if there were not so many unwanted animals for them to try and deal with. If the point is to have some kittens, how about fostering a pregnant female cat? Shelters often have fostering programs and always need volunteers. I'm sure they get lots of pregnant cats in need of help. Please, we're not all attacking you but just asking to consider not breeding them as there are too many already in need of homes. I'm sure your cats are wonderful and would have really cute kittens. It is certainly possible the litter would not be small. Maybe first litters tend to be small due to the age or health of the mother. Yours is undoubtably healthy and is not a kitten herself as so many are. She could actually have a lot of kittens... Just something to consider. Please consider fostering, as there is always a need!

January 26th, 2007, 09:57 PM
Please, please, please...don't bring another litter of kittens into the world. There are so many cats and kittens needing homes ~ if you are an animal lover as you say then you will realize why no one wants to see another kitten born when there are so many perishing on the streets as abandoned and in animal services/shelters simply because there are no homes for them.

January 26th, 2007, 10:48 PM
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