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Pessimistic rant

January 24th, 2007, 10:38 PM
If people have a death wish or are truly evil, why do they have to involve other people all the time? :mad:

Around Christmas, a woman lit herself on fire and went to bed or something and burned down the whole apartment building (paraphrased- I don't have the exact story)...

And then last night, a twit was fleeing the cops and took out a 69 year old man who died instantly when his car crashed.

Not to mention the Dawson shootings and the BC pig farmer massacre.

I just don't get why people have to drag everybody down with them all the time. I can't imagine the man who died last night's family- I mean, they must be so devastated. :sad:

People may not have any hope or self-respect, but if you're going to screw up your life, or commit suicide, why can't you at least respect others around you instead of ruining it for them too?

I don't know if this makes any sense, but it just has been bugging me, especially since that woman burned down everybody's apartments on purpose right around Christmas. :sad: :shrug:

January 24th, 2007, 10:50 PM
I think people with a death wish are already so self-absorbed that they just don't care about other people :shrug: Some have no self-respect so respecting others probably isn't something that comes naturally. Some are just sick and not thinking of the consequences, I suspect... I suppose there are a lot of reasons, but none of them really matter after the fact :shrug: It becomes a huge sad story all around... :sad:

January 24th, 2007, 10:56 PM
I don't get it either. Like those people who hold a bunch of people hostage while threating to kill themselves, doesn't make sense. If your going to end your life why involve other people. Of course their family will be affected but leave innocent other's out of it. Then the stupid high speed chases, cops are just finaly realizing that they may be a bad idea, of course that means the baddies get away but there are always helicopters to follow them. We worry about diseases and illness but really just walking out your front door and in some cases just living is more worrisome. I think that is why I hardly watch the news anymore. Life just seems to be so depressing more times than not. I want to be in the dark on what's going on most of the time but then at the same time I want to know what is going on so I'am aware.

The stupid things kids do now because "they are bored" really confuses and scares me; another reason I don't want children, I could never let them out of my sight. This past summer some idiots 13 and under lit their female friends breast's on fire because they were bored, wth... and what happens to them...nothing.

I am so sick of the slap on the wrist law's, I don't like violence but and eye for an eye. No one is afraid of authority anymore. The police don't even bother with shoplifting anymore, your just suppose to call their parents who don't believe or care. Don't they think it will lead to other things later on.

I could probably write a book on how I feel about the way things are so I will stop.

January 24th, 2007, 11:04 PM
Oh, yeah, me too- the slaps on the wrists are getting realllllly old. :mad:

And I, like you, avoid some aspects of the news now more than ever. Like the day to day things on Iraq. I get the big picture, and I know there are tons of soldiers dying, and I feel for their families, but I don't need to read about every attack every day. In the end, it doesn't affect my life to know what the insurgents did today, other than to bring it down. :sad: If I could hear the stories from the people who were there and who actually WERE affected by these tragedies, then ok. But reading the gory details every day in the paper- there's just no point, IMO. And the abundance of detail and sensationalism, IMO, takes away the humanity of it too.

It's all just bad news all the time with more and more gory details... Oops..:offtopic: :sorry:

But yeah, I just don't see why so many people have to punish others so badly when they're unhappy. :confused: It's the ultimate selfish act, IMO.

January 25th, 2007, 06:36 AM
I think some people really want to make others miserable too. Maybe they fell it is the ultimate pay back for their horrible life.

For some others, I think it is like what Hazel said, they are so absorbed into their own life that they don't even realize that what they are doing has an impact on somebody else.

I am like you Prin, I am aware of what is happening in Iraq, but I don't need to, and especially don't want to hear about the day to day stuff.