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re: 2 fat catsw one skinny

March 19th, 2004, 10:03 AM
sorry had trouble replying to original thread........................

Ok what I meant was......I feed them Purina cat chow all the time about 3 times a week they get a canned treat. Maybe I am misunderstanding but it seemed like someone was saying that the canned food leaves them fullfilled while the dry food doesn't. Makes sence when I think about it .....when they get the canned food they seem more content.......but on days with just dried food they run to the dish every time you walk in that general direction like I am starving them or something (really I'm Not).

As for types of food , I have tried whiskas, meow mix, happy cat, I have 8 cats now so it gets rather pricey to get any of those expensive types at the pet stores ( for the dried food).

:( Did someone mention cruelty done by purina:eek: :( I would hate to think I am contributing by buying cat chow:( :( :( :confused: :confused:

March 19th, 2004, 07:22 PM
Well,I've been told Purina Cat-chow is the worst food on the market.I am not sure how much it costs,but a 3 kilo(6,6lbs)of Nutrience for instance is about $12 and lasts a long time with my 3 cats,I think Nutro's Natural choice is about the same,maybe a little cheaper.My cats also eat about a spoon-ful of canned food morning and night.
I think in the long run it pays,both for your cats and you.Purina Cat Chow is know to cause kidney problems more than any other.