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Anyone here from PA????

March 18th, 2004, 01:54 PM
I ask b/c I need help to completing my transport on 03/20/04, this is my first transport and I want to make it a success.

I need help w/transporting a pit bull to her rescue.

I'll list the legs needed and then the info about the pittie.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated by me, kitty (name of pittie), and the rescue!!!

Ok guys, I only need 4 more people now. My friend is going to take a leg and help.

Here's how the legs look so far

1. Jim Thorpe, PA - Beaver Meadows, PA -Filled!!!! by owner

2. Beaver Meadows, PA - Hazleton PA - Filled!!! by me Ann Zubris

3. Hazleton, PA - Bellefonte, PA - Filled!!! by Michelle Thank You very much Michelle!!

4. Bellefonte, PA - Clearfield, PA - **Need**

5. Clearfield, PA - Du Bois, PA - **Need**

6. Du Bois, PA - Grove City, PA - **Need**

7. Grove City, PA - Meadville, PA - **Need**

8. Meadville, PA - Jefferson, OH - Filled!!!

Only 4 more people and we can get her to her rescue.

__________________________________________________ __________________
City State traveling from:Jim Thorpe PA

City State traveling to:Jefferson OH


Age:1 year old


Spayed/Neutered?:not spayed but will be once in rescue asap

Size/weight:55 lbs

Shots UTD including Rabies?:yes

Any Behavioral Problems:no

Traveling Crated or uncrated (crate supplied?):uncrated, owner
unable to supply but travels well

Items traveling with (leash, collar, vet records):leash, collar, vet

Group Responsible for animal:Bullieangel Rescue and Haven

City State Group is based in:Ashtabula OH


Reason for Transport wner releasing to rescue-unable to keep at new

Transport Coordinator's Name email:Barbara Shaffer

Where is animal coming from: Owner release

Where is animal going to: rescue

Name of ending rescue: Bullieangel rescue and haven

Address of Rescue:5030 Dunsmore Ave, Ashtabula OH 44004

Who currently has the animal?Owner

city/state:Jim Thorpe, PA

POC (Point of Contact) at Rescue:Barbi Judson

POC email itlady12000@y...

POC phone numbers (including cell number) 440-576-3836 or 440-813-

Does the rescue require a contract for adoption? Y

Does the rescue require all animals be spayed/neutered
before adoption? Y

Does the rescue perform home checks before the animal
is placed? Y

Does the rescue check references (personal & vet)
before the animal is placed? Y

I'm having the owner of the second dog stop at my house, and I'm taking that pittie w/me to Hazleton to pick up the second dog (that's coming from NJ) and taking both girls to Bloomsburg. So I have it covered till Bloomsburg.

Is anyone else avail. to help w/this transport? I'd like to try and have it finalized no later than Friday afternoon.

If you can help or know someone who can , please let me know.

Thanks guys!!!!

February 4th, 2008, 09:39 AM
Hi, Me and my hubby are located near cleirfield and would be glad to help. We have a suv and can join your train of transport from Clearfield, PA - Du Bois, PA Please reply with a private message and we can send u our phone number so you may call when you train is ready to move to let us know what day and time we should be there? :thumbs up

February 4th, 2008, 09:43 AM
This post is from 2004. Welcome to the forum. :)