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Paper training...

January 21st, 2007, 01:09 AM
Hi! I am currently working in Kuwait and have adopted a maltese mix from the shelter. I am :lovestruck: , she is such a doll. The Vet guess-timates her to be 3.5 mos old. Her previous owner didn't start her vaccines :frustrated: , so I'm getting her up to date now. Saying that....I obviously can't take her out to potty am trying to paper train her. Also, I live in an apt and work 12 hours a day. During the day she stays in the bathroom and uses her papers :thumbs up . But when I am home she refuses to go on her papers :eek: . If I put her in the bathroom and close the door...she'll do her business w/i a few minutes. I praise her, give her treats and tell her how proud I am of her:lovestruck: . I've even layed papers down on the tile where she's peed, thinking maybe she doesn't want to go in the bathroom since she stays in there all day. What am I doing wrong, how do I get her to go to the papers when I am home :pray: ? My daughter is mailing me some of those scented pee pads to see if she'll go to them. I love this little girl, she is the sweetest little thing and I want to get her potty trained. Anyone have any helpful solutions? I so want to get her trained so she can be free in the apt while I am at work. I hate to lock her up in the bathroom, evn though she has her toys, food and bed. Please share your ideas and what has worked for you. Thanks for your time! If you would be so kind as to send your responses to my AOL address as I can't access this site fromwor... I'd appreciate it. **
Thanks again!
Jacque & Brie Lee

January 21st, 2007, 01:44 AM
Welcome to the forum. 12 hours is way to long to leave a puppy that young alone. Is there anyone who can come in and attend the puppy a few times during the day?

January 21st, 2007, 03:14 AM
Hi Teri,

Thanks for the welcome. No, the other nurses I work w/also work the same hours that I do. I wish there was someone to come over, but I don't:rolleyes: .

January 21st, 2007, 09:35 AM
Training means teaching, and that means a teacher and student must be actively involved together. To leave her alone and expect her to understand is asking a lot. Toys breeds can be tough enough to housetrain let alone expect her to teach herself.

Litterbox training for little dogs can work really well, or the pee pads. The problem here is she is alone without guidance for 12 hours and then you have to sleep so thats another 8-10 hours and you have to go grocery shopping, clean the apartment, have a life and we are down to -2 hours to teach her to consistently use the paper or box. Not a great recipe for success.

I am sorry to say this but 12 hours for any dog to be alone day after day is a lot and for a young puppy it could lead to a very unhappy pup with problems. My deepest concerns are about the emotional health of this little girl more so than about the paper training. Is this realistically the best time for you to have a puppy? I know you love her, but could you imagine this pup being happier and better socialized and entertained with a person who is home more or a family with kids?

Having said that, is it possible for you to get a cat to keep her company? Then you could use a litterbox for them both and the puppy would at least have a pal. I don't mean to sound so negative but I just keep thinking of this little pup sitting all alone day after day without stimulation or a buddy - let alone a leader in her life.

January 22nd, 2007, 05:44 AM
Elizabeth...thanks for the advice. Yes, you certainly are correct about leaving Bree Lee alone for so long. I wouldn't have taken her from my friend who runs the Animal Friends League shelter here if I thought she'd get a better home. Here in the Middle East the culture is not so friendly towards animals. There are "desert dogs" galore. The Kuwaiti's and the others who live here are notorius for dropping off their dogs in the desert when they grow out of the cute puppy stages. There is a place called the "Friday Market" where puppies are brought in from other countries and sold. The majority of those pups are not even 6 wks old :mad:. Unfortunately there are no regulations...or should I say enforced for bringing dogs into the country. The Vet at the International Vet Clinic has told me about the many puppies that they've seen that are so sick from distemper, name it...they've seen it. So yes, you're correct...I would love for Bree Lee to be in a home w/kids and someone home all day.....but the chances of that happening are iffy. If you check out the Paws and Animal Friends League shelter here in Kuwait, you'll see many "LWD's" (Little white dogs) as they call them. So many live their lives in the shelter.

So, that said....I've hired my friends maid to come to my apt 3x a week...she'll be there at least 6 hours a day to clean and play w/Bree Lee. We'll continue to work on the paper training. She shows no signs of depression, she's not destructive....believe me i've talked to the vet about this at length. Thanks again for your thoughts.

January 22nd, 2007, 06:24 AM
Have you thought about crate training your puppy...If you have someone coming in to be with her then it would probably be better than locking her in your bathroom.. Many dogs really enjoy crates..It gives them a sense of security..a place of their own so to speak! I do agree with everyone here posting that 12 hours is far to long for this puppy to be locked up...I think a crate would certainly be beneficial..Dont make it too large because they can learn to do their business in one corner and then lie down at the other end...They should be able to stand up freely and turn around..

I used one with my dog and he loved it! When he was really young I would cover it with a comforter around the sides so it was like a little den for him! Now that he is older I dont lock him in it at all but he still finds his way down to his crate when he wants to nap or just be alone?? Now I use baby gates to keep him out of rooms I may not want him in...It is great! I dont have to even lock the gates in place..I just lean them agains't the door!

Good Luck! I am glad you have found someone to help you with your is most critical for her!


January 22nd, 2007, 07:45 AM
Hi Cindy,

We do have a crate for Bree, but I didn't put her in there when I was at work as I thought it was to small. I am sure the bathroom is lonely for her...but its quite a large bathroom and she has plenty of room for her toys, bed and newspapers. She will go into the crate and lay down sometimes when I am on the computer.

As for the baby gate....she locks her little paws in there and climbs right over it :laughing: . I had bought one and put it across the bathroom door opening and came home to Bree meeting me at the front door :lovestruck: .

Also, a friend who has a :dog: (about 6 mos older and about the same size as Bree and that is paper trained).....has offered to let Bree and Shaafi (her dog) play together during the day while we are at work :highfive: . Maybe leaving them in the kitchen together for the day. They love to play together and they have play days when we are off. Hoping Bree will pick up that Shaafi uses the paper to potty. I am determind to have patience w/this sweet little gal:queen: and give her the home that she deserves.

Thanks again to those of you that have shared your thoughts and ideas:thumbs up .

January 22nd, 2007, 01:44 PM
Oh I feel so much better!:thumbs up

Sounds like so many little details are falling into place. :D

Thanks so much for what you are doing for this little one - I just wasn't thinking about how bad things are for dogs in general in Kuwait - but one only has to think about it for a second and figure they can't be that great for dogs if it so bad for the people right now.

It sounds like things are going to work out well for you both - sometimes it takes a village to raise a LWD.

January 22nd, 2007, 04:56 PM
I think it's great also what you're doing for Bree. My baby chi has the same name as yours except I spell hers Brie. Yours and mine are the only dogs I've heard with that name. That's why I picked it because it is such a rare name. Sounds like things are falling into place pretty good for her. Good luck and keep us informed.

January 27th, 2007, 11:11 PM
Just a quick hello and wanted to share our good news. Bree has had her lil friend Shaafi over to play lately.....and she must have picked up peeing on the papers from Shaafi :thumbs up . Is that awesome or what :lovestruck: ! When the maid isn't there to play w/Bree.....I keep her in the office...quite a big room w/a window that comes to the floor.....that is attached to her bathroom. She loves it and takes her lil self right into the bathroom to do her business :pray:. Wahoo!! Last night when I got home from work and was on the puter....which is in the office.....I smelled I called Brees name and asked her if she was a big girl....she strutted her lil self in the bathroom w/me to show me what she did. Boy did we have a party :highfive: . She is truely the sweetest lil dog and oh so loveable. She's had a few accidents....but funny enuf never on the carpet....she pees on the tile :crazy: . Thanks again for all the advice, ya'll are great:grouphug: .

One question:confused: long before I give her a chance to run in the house and see how she does? Right now as I said before, she stays in the office that has her bathroom attached. I would love for her to be able to run the entire apt while I am at work...but don''t want to give her to much space to quickly and have her to forget to go to her papers.
Have an awesome day!

January 28th, 2007, 07:30 AM
Hi There!

When my puppy went from crate to free run we just tried it for an 1 hour at a time until he could be trusted....Then I placed baby gates around the rooms I did not want him in..It worked very well..You will have to learn to trust her...When you are comfortable with that than all is well....They will not always be perfect at first but they learn...My boy is 7 now and I never have a fear of leaving him loose..but he can hold his bladder for a long time! and he also goes outside to do his business..How old is your puppy? It may be too early to give her free run yet?


January 29th, 2007, 04:27 AM
Hi Cindy,
Thanks for the response. Bree is quite young....the vet guesstimates 3.5 months old. She does sleep in the bedroom w/us at night....w/the door closed and will hold herself most nights. I lay a pee pad down by the door...but she has chosen not to use it.
Thanks again!