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dog jumping up

March 18th, 2004, 08:20 AM
What is the best method for getting a dog to stop jumping up on us and guests when they come over?

Brick is just a hyper spaz when we first get home or when people come over!! We've tried crossing our arms over our chest, saying off or down (he responds more to down), kneeing him in the chest as he is jumping up, and putting our hands on his head saying "shhhh". We also try to come into the house and not get all excited to see him, and say hello, and just go about our day - so that he doesn't get too excited from our behaviour. These are all tricks other people have told us to try, none of which are really working. He's just sooo excited, but I'm worried that he is going to hurt someone. He's so big and has huge sandpaper paws!! Ouchies!!!

Any suggestions???:rolleyes:

March 18th, 2004, 09:43 PM
There are a few methods

You have to teach him the off command to start with
Off to drop anything in his mouth and to get down from somewhere he should not be

When he's doing something like that continue to use the word OFF and say it sternly. Take him by the collar and remove him and make him sit .Does he know that yet? Sit?

It is going to take some time, and until he knows exactly what is expected of him when you have company keep him on a short lead so you can pull him down and say off, then make him sit and say good boy Brick, pat him. Release the tension on the lead and see if he jumps again, if he does pull him back down again and say OFF!

It can be repetitive but thats the only way they get it.

Remember he's excited cause he's happy and receiving so much attention and love....but he will need direction and love.

Start when you are alone with him...take a handfull of dry food and start working on the off and sit commands first. Then the stay and come. Praise him when he gets it right and show him how much better it is when he behaves by giving him a treat.

I do 10 minute intervals a couple of times a day with Sadie...repeating the same things that she already knows...sit, down, off..stay and come..because lets face it attention span is gone when a new distraction is involved.

I started off doing it indoor alone to keep her attention, then started doing it outside so that she has distractions around her while we are working on the commands. She's not 4mons old and she is very well behaved for a pup, not to mention a lot of dogs I know.

We are still working on the off command when she's off lead in the yard, she loves to pick up stones and run around with them...well guess what happens GULP! Yup!! Then she ends up heaving them the next morning (fun stuff).

Anyway, repetition, praise and treats!!! Make it FUN to learn and remember they WANT to please you and are looking for attention.

OH also, make sure his nails are trimmed :) it will help in the times he does jump up :D

Keep posted on that beautiful boy

March 19th, 2004, 08:06 AM
Thanks Luba!!! We will give that a whirl!! He does know Sit, but we are still working on stay, off and come. He is just so excited and so happy that he wants to be near us all the time. We will work on that too!!! If he wasn't so damn cute....its hard to resist that face!!! heheheh You use the down command to get him just to lay down right?

Thanks a bunch!!!:D

March 19th, 2004, 05:28 PM
Down is what I use, and its "off" for getting off something!

Luba's advise is good, and here is another method.

You have to be there holding his leash for this one. When someone he likes is coming, put him on leash with a collar you can control him with on, and a leash that won't cut your hands (some nylon ones are sharp, and if the dog pulls, it'll cut your hands). When they ring the doorbell, ask Brick to sit nicely. Don't let him get excited. When he is finaly calm, tell them to come in. The moment Brick gets excited, the people should freeze, and not move at all. When he finaly calms down and sits nicely, the people can come another few steps forward, until Brick gets excited. Keep repeating this until the person is right up to you. Then let them give Brick a treat, some prais and a pat on the head, and walk away, ignoring him if he jumps up. Keep repeating this, until he gets the message: he'll get to meet the person when he's finaly 'good' and stops getting excited.

The person your using for this should know in advance what your trying to do. If he/she doesn't, you could confuse both the person and the dog.

For jumping up on you, just ignore the dog when he jumps up on you. He'll soon figure out by trying everything he can that what you actualy want him to do is sit nicely."Ignorance" works wonders.

My dog has almost learned not to jump up and paw on the windows now because whenever he does it when I'm going to let him in, I just turn the other way and ignore him for a few minuts. Now he has learned that the oposite of jumping lets him get if faster.

Sorry that got a little bit long.:rolleyes:

March 19th, 2004, 07:21 PM
Long posts are good.....then you know they are full of good info!! ;)

You guys truly are the best!!! Brick is such a good boy, he just has some quirks that we need to work on! We got into doggy school in April, so until then, we will do what you've all suggested and hopefully that will help a bit!!!

Thanks gang!! ((((( hugs)))))

March 19th, 2004, 09:25 PM
The only thing I would say is that dogs can be confused when you use 'down' they don't know what you expect of them as they can think you mean lay down.

You can see how it all works out I'm sure he's a smart boy and will pick it up really fast.

Spoiled has some great ideas as well.