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Schools out for Winter!

January 18th, 2007, 09:07 PM
Well we can breath easy, we passed intermediate obedience class with flying colors. Poor Riley is sleeping as we did some last minute revision before playing in the off leash dog park we found last week, then a quick rest before going to class, out of 10 only 5 turned up for the final test so we did most of the class off leash, everyone was surprised how far the dogs had come. Apart from the 'here/come' comand that had the dog running through a 2 ft gap lined with the 4 other dogs (we all needed 2 goes at that one) it was a nice peacefull 45 minutes. Advanced class doesn't start till summer as it's outside with more distractions (I guess she will be throwing squirrels at them :D ) and ALL off leash :eek: . Guess we'll be spending a LOT of time at the park getting used to recall from a diastance with other dogs around, in this weather we never see anyone on the walks or in the park, I guess I'm the only one stupid enough to keep doing the 6km trail. I'm so encouraged by Rileys improvement, it seems a LONG time ago when we got him from the foster parents, and now he's turning into a very sociable dog, we get comments all the time on how well he behaves on the street. GO RILEY!:thumbs up (oh! and your mummys proud of you to, but we all know who's most pleased)

January 18th, 2007, 10:34 PM
Yey! That's great! :) :highfive: