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January 13th, 2007, 10:56 AM
I am new to this BARF diet and the web site I read said to grind the meat up so that's what I have been doing the last 2 days but I have been reading in here and I see allot of you just throw the dog a bone with meat on it....
My husband and I are both afraid of the dogs choking on bones we have an 80 pound golden who is 7 and a 12 week old pug.
what kind of bones do you give? does it matter? what can the puppy handle?
have any of you had a bone get stuck inside a dog?and have to have it removed?

January 13th, 2007, 11:33 AM
Hi, welcome to the site!

Personally, I hate using the term BARF. Many raw feeders are getting away from that and just calling it raw feeding.

OK, where to begin? Raw feeding can be very simple, IE you hand your dog the food, or can get complicated with measurements, grinding and such.(not really that Your choice. First starting out, many people feed chicken. Its pretty cheap and the bones soft. take a whole chicken and cut it into quarters. Your large guy could probably handle half a chicken with ease. In an adult dog, your aiming for around 2% of body weight, and in a pup, anywheres from 4-10%. Use your eyes as a judgment. If they look heavy, cut back. Too thin, feed more. Simple.

Now, as for choking. Feeding anything to your dog, can cause choking. Ever hear a dog hock while eating kibble? Well they just choked. Thats said, dogs are equipped to swallow bones and raw meat. And don't be surprised if they're fairly large. Its totally normal for them to give it a crunch crunch gulp. So don't let that worry you. Some people grind everything up. IMO, you loose one of the greatest things about raw feeding, that teeth cleaning!

Now for types of meat. Again, you only need 10-15% of the diet as bones, 5-10% as organs and the rest as meat. AND not every meal has to be balanced. Balanced is achieved over a period of time. So for example, I feed beef heart for breakfast. No bones. He got a side of lamb ribs (meaty) for super. When I feed organs i try to add some meat, boneless beef or heart or try to add some bone, turkey necks, chicken necks or backs. I do this as too much liver can cause the squirts.

The diet I feed consists of Turkey necks, boneless beef, organ mix, tripe, mackerel & herring, beef heart, kidney & tongue, beef necks for recreational use, chicken necks & backs. I've also bought some pork when on sale.

Hope this helps. I really recommend heading to your book store and getting a few books.


Great book.

The other thing, this diet is very easy. :thumbs up

January 13th, 2007, 12:00 PM
I also kinda worry from time to time about obstructions and choking but my dogs are good to calm me. They have proven that they are chewing things up good and digesting properly.
The diet i feed is very very similar to the one that Scott feeds. However we have rather large RMB for recreational chewing. They end up devowering most of it, but just until they get the marrow out.

January 13th, 2007, 12:28 PM
Oh wow thats cool Scott I was born and raised in Nova Scotia :ca: I just move to the states:usa: 5 years ago...
Thank-you for getting back to my post.I will get the book and gezzzzzzz I might even give them a bone ....
I wish we had a butch around here but the big stores have taken them all away it seems.

January 13th, 2007, 02:22 PM
Where abouts in NS?

Butchers can be good or bad. A butchers job is to remove as much meat from bones as they can, so usually what you get from a butcher isnt all that great.

I suggest going to yahoo groups and searching for raw. there are several that list different suppliers in different areas.

Good luck :thumbs up

January 13th, 2007, 07:28 PM
I was born and raised mostly in Wolfville I have lived in Port Williams,Kentville,New Minas,I lived in Gaspareaux, for a few years.

January 15th, 2007, 04:59 PM
cool. had an aunt and uncle that lived in canning.