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Our first obedience class

January 12th, 2007, 11:53 AM
Autumn and I had our first class for our next level of obedience tonight and the trainer uses clicker training. 6 dogs in the class and of course thanks to all my hard work at home she was the most well behaved. We had them tethered near us while we sat on a chair (teaching them to settle) and all the dogs were whining and barking so the one thing the instructor did was fill a kong with a treat and some cheese whiz and that got them to stop with the fussing, but poor Autumn wasn't fussing at all just standing politely by my chair so she got one anyways because she was a good girl. Another exercise was we all got up with a handful of treats and walked around the room and approached everyone elses dog and fed them a treat. They were all pulling on the leashing acting kinda nuts but whenever anyone would approach Autumn she would sit politely.

The instructer used Autumn as her "demo" dog with the clicker and she had Autumn off leash following her, dancing, doing a bow, spinning around and hopping (With her big body and long legs the hopping in the air reminded me of watching the Lippazaner Stallions). Anyone can teach their dog sit, down, stay but watching your own dog do tricks and things out of the ordinary was so amazing to watch.

If you can't tell I'm so proud of her and cannot wait until the next class.

Just wanted to share my great news with you all. :cloud9: