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January 11th, 2007, 04:23 PM
A few various stories of the hero's who live among us.

Bear, a Rottweiler, was shot 3 times in the line of duty while protecting owner/handler Edward Ernstberger. After a prison escapee shot Ersntberger, Bear jumped from the police cruiser to attack the prisoner, preventing him from killing her owner. She was shot three times, where she had a bullet lodged in her spine, on in her chest, and a third bullet less than 2 inches from her heart. Both Ersntberger and Bella survived the incident and returned to duty. The two retired together.

Reona, a 109 pound Rottweiler left her house during and leapt over 3 fences to come to the aid of 5-year old Vivian Cooper during an earthquake. Vivian has epilepsy, and over excitement could bring on a life threatening seizure. Once in the house Reona pushed the little girl up against the kitchen cabinets and held her there. Moments later a large microwave was shaken of the top of a refrigerator, falling in the exact spot that Vivian had just been. Vivian held onto Reona during the earthquake with her head buried into the big dog's fur. For her heroism Reona was the Ken-L Ration Dog Hero of the Year in 1989.

Kathie Vaughn's vehicle swerved off the road after something exploded under the hood. Kathie, who is paralyzed from the waist down brought her custom-designed van under control, which rapidly began to fill with smoke. Vaughn opened her door and ordered her dog Eve, a 104 pound Rottweiler, from the van as she tried to pull her wheelchair together. Eve soon returned, grabbed her owner's diabled leg, and dragged Vaughn from the vehicle. Vaughn, who lost consciousness, was woken by an immense explosion that triggered Eve to drag her owner another 20 feet from the vehicle.

Chris Georgiou of Adelaide, Australia was saved from drowning by his Rottweiler and Border Collie. Georgiou, who didn't know how to swim, fell into a 15 feet of water in his fish-pond in full winter clothing. His Border Collie Ziggy barked frantically as he lost his ability to stay above water when Stella, his 90 pound Rottweiler came running over. Stella immediately flew into the pond and swam to her owner, who grabbed hold of her ear. Stella pulled Georgiou to shallow water where he could stand. "I'd be a dead man if it wasn't for my dogs," said Georgiou.

Abby (Rottweiler) stopped a kidnapping attempt in Pound Ridge, NY. Six-month old Molly was being babysat when a man showed up a the sitter's cottage saying that the child's father had been taken to the hospital and that the mother had asked the man to come pick-up the baby. As the sitter called to verify the story, the man grabbed the baby and ran for a white van driven by a female accomplice. Abby jumped up and bit the man's arm, who then dropped the baby and fled in the van.