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Add another puppy to the family?

January 11th, 2007, 05:14 AM
I just want your opinion..

See, my beloved dog Chevy passed away in Nov. 2006 so I got a new Beagle mix puppy 2 weeks later. It doesn't meant that I replace her for Chevy. I've been with dogs (family dogs-guardian-owner of Chevy) for 8 years and I feel empty without a dog. Anyways, I got Nova (Beagle Mix) and she's so sweet. half way to be potty trained and half house trained at 4 months old. Problem is... my boyfriend has almost NO connections with her because she's not what he wants. He misses Chevy so much and he wants a dog that looks like a big man's dog. LOL. So, he talks about boxer dog lately. Then I found 4 months old female boxer on craigslist and considers to get her because my boyfriend wants her and he thought it would be good for Nova to have a company with another dog. So, will they be along from young age? It will be my first time to have 2 puppies at same time. They will be both indoor and outdoor (my background has dog's needs only if we're going out for short hours).

I know it's up to us, but do you think it's a good idea to add one more puppy in the order of company for Nova and the boxer will be ease my boyfriend's heart since she will be "his" dog (but they are ours anyways). Nova is "mine". Will it be better for the household? Oh yea, we have a 2 years old daughter whom love dogs soooooo much. She has no problem with medium size dog (chevy the rott/shepherd mix) and small dogs (my parents' chihuahuas), and now with Nova as well.

I know it will be hard to handle all 3 at young ages. But I can do it since I stay at home mom, :rolleyes:

Thanks for reading and gives any advice here if you can! :angel:

Rick C
January 11th, 2007, 11:29 AM
I think they'll both gravitate to whomever they consider the alpha in the pack . . . . so I wouldn't count on each being attached to different humans.

There might not be anything you can do about that . . . . and maybe you wouldn't want to anyway.

Maybe others have different experiences . . . .

In any event, in our house, the difference is subtle . . . of course Abby and Keeper love Carol but they seem to follow me around wherever I plop down in the house. It's not because I'm nicer to them . . . Carol actually feeds them and spends far more time with them than I do. But they definitely attach themselves to me when I'm home.

Abby was one year old when we got Keeper as a rescue. She was also one year old at the time. Abby tried to be dominant at the start but Keeper eventually got confidence and sorted her out . . . . now they're essentially equal, with Abby probably leading the way a bit.

Treat both equally and you'll have a happy household with your dogs fast friends.

Rick C

January 12th, 2007, 09:29 PM
Rick I think what the OP is saying is a bit different, her boyfriend enjoys and has a special fondness for the bigger breeds.

Having 2 puppies in the house will mean the will help to wear each other out but they will be harder to train especially housetraining, and trying to stop the rough play, you will need to pretty much seperate them to teach them anything like sit, you probably find they will ignore you otherwise, and will bond and play more together than they will to you and your daughter especially while they remain puppies, so your daughter may loose her cuddly playmate to the other dog. So it has it's advantages and disadvantages