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Help! Nipping biting puppy

January 10th, 2007, 10:51 AM
My husband and I recently adopted a 10 week old 4 lb bolognese female puppy.
She is a very good dog, but nips and bites at us when we are on the ground
playing with her, toes, fingers, clothes, etc. My question is...what is the
best way to discourage this nipping and biting behavior? She is small, so I
want to be gentle with her, yet we want to be firm and consistent. We have
read several articles that say not to hit her, and we have not and do not
plan to. We want her to get the idea young that this is not okay...what do
you suggest? She has a doggie play pen in a central area of the house that
she is in for part of the day, gets walked daily, and has plenty of chew
toys. She is also doing very well with being crate trained. Thank you!