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Eagle Pack Holistic Natural formula and Salt

January 10th, 2007, 02:03 AM
Noticed that Eagle Pack Holistic Natural formula contain salt..
Will there be any problem for the dogs to consume in a long run? Is salt harmful to dogs? :confused:

January 10th, 2007, 03:04 PM
No, no long term ramifications, but watch that he doesn't drink excessively because of the added salt. If he does, maybe you'll need to switch to something less salty.:shrug:

January 12th, 2007, 05:20 PM
We have 3 dogs in this household on Eagle Pack Holistic - a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Leonberger and a Golden and there is no excessive drinking.

January 12th, 2007, 07:30 PM
Good. :) I didn't mean to imply that eagle pack would cause excessive drinking, just that if the salt is excessive (which it might not be) then the drinking would go up.:o