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2nd Annual Save-A-Bull Bowl-a-thon (?)

January 7th, 2007, 03:16 PM
Hi everybody,

Em from the Advocates posted this on the group and I thought I would spread it around and hopefully you will too. While you're at it, email her letting her know you're all for it whether you can help out donating items, ideas or taking pledges to come out and bowl with your team and all the other fun things.
We had a blast last year except for poor, sick June who came regardless that she was sick. This year could be even bigger and better with all the time we have to prepare for it. Maybe we could double, triple or quadruple what we made last year...but it takes people and we NEED YOU!!!
What do you say...are you for it? Let Em know.

*hugs* Conners

2nd Annual Save-A-Bull Bowl-a-thon (?)
Posted by: "Emily AFTU" (
Mon Jan 1, 2007 7:25 pm (PST)
Happy New Year EVERYONE!

I am sending this note in the hopes of getting "feel" for what people think, Londoners, and those close or who would make the trip, in regards to having a SECOND ANNUAL fundraising Bowl-A-Thon.

For those who attended last year you will remember what a GREAT day it was! We had TONS of prizes and raffles and managed to raise over $5000 towards the legal defence fund.

We still have legal bills to pay, and with the several rescues that have been flown out of province, our fundraising efforts need to be in full force this year

We would be having the event sometime in March (need time to have donations sent etc) . . . so if I could get a show of "paws" from those interested that would be wonderful!!! Our subsequent bowl-a-thons in Toronto and Windsor were a little lack lustier so we would really like this one to go off with a BANG again!!! It takes a ton of time and effort to organize (not that we mind at all) but as long as we have willing participants to form teams and beg for pledges it turns out to be a wonderful event, great chance to get the word out and meet new people with similar interests.

Thanks again for all your support,

PS: Anyone with items/services to donate or suggestions of such PLEASE just let me know!

Emily U.
AFTU London Rep.
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