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killer cat

December 26th, 2006, 08:37 PM
hi i have had cats all my last cat was hijacked by my mom.its ok the cats happy and so is my mom and dad.she is a good cat . now i said i would not get any more cats . i was cat free for 3 years.well i also live in egypt lots of cute street cats and some not so cute.any how about 18 mo ago i was out with some friend and saw this cat bleeding and crying.then i saw half of her back leg was gone.dam it! so i pick her up wrap the stump with i forget what take her home . take her to the vet spend money and a lot of time.well now she turned out to be a nice cat.vary smart.ok i know you say cats are smart .but this one is not like any cat i have seen she talks all the time and vary loving and know how to use the toilet.she did that on her own i did not teach her. i love her and take her all over she likes car rides .i take her on plains and that cost over 200 bucks on egypt air. any how this is whats up with her. she will not be nice to other cats and i live with my ex when i am in the u.s . my cat will not chill she want to kill any cat she looks at . its been weeks and she still hates and try all the time to go after my exwifes cat . i have done all i know keep them apart .but my cat will sit at the door and try to get in and if she gets in only water will stop her. any ideas please help.:confused:

December 26th, 2006, 09:29 PM
Obviously an alpha cat. Your cat is trying to place himslef as king of the castle.This can be very dangerous to the other cats. If your cat survived a fight where he lost his leg, then he is strong enough to kill to make his positon known, I would keep the other cats away. Can you find a place to stay with no other cats. Not a good thing to find one of your ex-wifes cats badly injured or worse. Some cats are not ment to be with other cats.