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Lost Calico Cat in Milford CT

December 20th, 2006, 10:30 AM

My female calico cat got out while we were in the process of moving(movers did not keep door closed as requested) She has been missing since 10-25-06, from Milford CT., I miss her dearly!!! She has incredible markings, like someone painted them on. "Min" nickname for Autumn, is black, white and tan. She has a white stripe down her pink nose, white bib and paws, tan patch above her right eye, her face is mostly black with a hint of color stripe next to her right eye, like smeared eyeliner, and yellow eyes. She does not have any collar or tags, spayed, declawed and skiddish, prefers women, not friendly with other pets either--definately mommies girl.
Please help me find her, we have moved to North Carolina and I do not feel "at home" without my little lady. My kids have asked me what I want for christmas, and I would love to have my cat home!!!!

December 20th, 2006, 11:42 AM
Do you have someone keeping the search going back in CT- putting up posters, checking shelters and vets, following leads? She's been gone almost two months; have there been any sightings? Have the people living in your old house and the surrounding neighbourhood seen her, put out food for her? The best time to find her would have been in the first few days, when she probably was hiding nearby, but she may still be in the vicinity, waiting for YOU to do something.
Without a concerted effort, the chances of getting her back are slim. Sorry.
Can you post a picture?
Hoping for a miracle.

PS You could fax her picture to shelters and vet offices in the region, with the same info you posted here. You could offer a reward.