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The cops just called!

December 20th, 2006, 12:21 AM
I jsut got a call from the cops asking me to check on my car, because they are following it right now!

I check outside, my car is right where I parked it......with a different license plate on it.

Now I have to wait up for the cops to call back and let me know whats going on, unfortunatly I am suppose to leave by 6:00am for my last final exam.

Guess I could use this time to study!

Ugggg has anyone had this happen before, or know what happens in this situation?


December 20th, 2006, 12:42 AM
OMG! Unbelievable. I have heard of people switching licence plates but not to anyone I actually know.

I'll bet you wouldn't even have noticed tomorrow morning. I know I wouldn't have. Here in SK we only have to have them on the back of the vehicle so unless I was letting Dracko in the back, I wouldn't have any reason to even look at it.

December 20th, 2006, 12:46 AM
I'm sorry to hear that...

I dunno though....

I can't really help on that one...I just hope that they grab the guys and put them away for a long time....


December 20th, 2006, 12:47 AM
Wow, that's craziness! I've never had that happen to me before, but I can tell you if you're counting the minutes before an exam, that's when the stuff happens.:rolleyes:

Good luck with this and with your exam.

December 20th, 2006, 12:49 AM
this just happened to my mother in law. She had her plate switched, the only thing that made her notice was the huge scratch the thieves left on her bumper when they made the switch. Unfortunatley the theives where never apprehended and she had to pay for brand new plates (think it was eight bucks) and then because it was the plate with the sticker (on a car that is the back plate) she had to pay the 75 dollar to renew the sticker also. I hope everything works out well for you..................and I hope they get who did this also.

December 20th, 2006, 12:51 AM
I hear it's more common than one would like especially in park and fly parking lots.. Also never known anyone it's happened to.

They'll likely return you your plate (since they are following it), want you to make a statement, and want the plate that isn't yours to take with them. Likely isn't the thief's plate so there may be more tracking down people.

December 20th, 2006, 12:53 AM
I suppose better the plate than the whole CAR!:eek:

December 20th, 2006, 07:30 AM
Im definatly glad it was only the plate!!!

Well Cops got the bad guys, and Mafiaprincess is bang on. I wrote a statement at about 12:30am when the cops came on got the other plate. They are being charged, so my plate has to stay on that car for now. They say they will call me this morning.

So they bad guys took my plate and put it on stolen car, I probably have the plate from the stolen car, Imagine if the cops pulled me over!.

We only have plate on the back aswell, so I had no idea they did this until the cops called and let me know they were following my car!!!! i have no clue how long it's been off for, probably not too long though I imagine.

Im off to write my last exam, yay! I have to drive my bf to work and borrow his truck, as I dont have a plate yet (or else I would still be sleeping!)

December 20th, 2006, 12:12 PM
Sorry to hear about all the trouble but glad they caught the guys. :highfive:

Good luck with your exam. :fingerscr

Dog Dancer
December 20th, 2006, 12:58 PM
That's crazy stuff. I had someone steal my back plate once - the one with the sticker. I never noticed and when I was driving out to pick my son up from football I got stopped by the cops. I was given a card and told to go immediately to the police station and file a report and get a file number. I had to pick my son up first, and they told me every cop that got behind me would pull me over. Next morning I had to go get new plates. $$$ I also would not have noticed if I hadn't been pulled over. I check every now and then now, but not regularly. Oh yeah, I don't live there anymore, some kids also set fire to the car on halloween one year - stuffed a large fireworks thing into the gas tank and lit it, and another one under the car. Very nice of them thanks - and it wasn't a bad neighbourhood!

Oh, hope your exam goes well - and How's Shadow doing?

December 20th, 2006, 01:45 PM
Hubby had a plate stolen - a looong time ago, before he was "hubby". Same as the rest, he only noticed when he was pulled over by the police. Turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of punk kids trying to "have fun". :rolleyes:

December 20th, 2006, 05:45 PM
At my shop we had the plates stolen off 4 vans.....we had to pay the replacement costs of the plates and the stickers although the sticker cost was prorated for the months already used...BUT...then the bills started coming 2 handicapped parking tickets.........and $700 in highway toll charges but all where reversed after a fight and many registered copies of the police reports......seems they stole them friday night and we never noticed till monday.

December 20th, 2006, 11:54 PM
I never thoguht of the tickets they could rack up:eek:

Still no plates, I will give the cops a call tomorrow, It would be nice to drive my own vehicle!!!

The french system sounds great! Here it was just 2 bolts and they only left me with 1:rolleyes:

The exam was far tougher then I expected on top of little sleep and a wobbly table to write it on! I went in with a good mark thoguh, so Im not concerned even if I did bomb it,

Shadow's doing amazing, thankfully! We are still lowering her dose of pain meds to find the lowest effective dose. She is getting a little hyper though because we haven't taken her for a walk so she can rest up (we are running out of interesting chew toys!) Tomorrow I think I will take her on a short stroll around the block.

Fingers crossed I get my plate back tomorrow! I dont want to have to pay for another one plus stickers. Seems so unfair.


December 21st, 2006, 12:27 AM
I don't know about in France, but I know in Ireland, the plates are sold with the car, and the first two numbers are the year of the car, so it's important that the plate can't be switched.:shrug:

Great for Shadow! :)

Oh and those wobbly desks? Somebody really needs to enforce some WSL (wobble specific legislation). I HATE writing exams on a wobbly desk. :yell:

Dog Dancer
December 21st, 2006, 02:35 PM
Where to start. Glad to hear Shadow is doing well. Hope she continues to improve - probably most important not to let her jump and run much anymore though.

Oh love the wobbly desks as much as the wobbly shopping carts - someone said if they can put a man on the moon why can't they make a cart go straight??

Good luck with the plates. Yes it's wrong that we have to pay for new ones as the result of a theft. And right before the holidays - Great!