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how should you handle aggression quiz

December 19th, 2006, 03:24 PM
This is a cross post from a rottweiler group I am on...

okay this one was pulled from "training secrets for Rottweilers"

how would you handle these situations:

All in good fun. Your Rottie youngers was jumping around, but now it's jumping up and grabbing your arm with its mouth, all the while making a funny growling sound. What should you do?

A push the dog off and slap it
b Place it in a pen alone so the dog can think about it.
c consider placing it in rescue because it has aggressive tendencies
d fold your arms and ignore the dog.

Fear not. Your rottie is on the forbidden sofa. You tell it to get off, but the dog ignores you, flattening itself to the sofa, folding its ears back and even looking away, you stride up and stand over your Rottie, loudly repeating your command, grabbing the dog's head to stare into its eyes and yanking its collar. Your Rottie gives a high pitched growl, pulls its lips back so you can see all its teeth and snaps but misses. What should you do?

a drag the dog off the sofa and roll it on its back so it knows who's the boss
b back off and leave your dog alone so you don't risk a bite
c attach a leash, turn your back on your Rotttie, coax it off and reward it for doing a simple trick
d buy a new sofa for you to use.

Leader of the Pack. Your Rottie, usually does as it pleases, but sometimes you don't want it on your bed. You attemp to push it off. It doesn't budge, but instead stares you in the eye gives a low gorwl and shows some of its teeh junst the front ones, so its lips are covering its molars. What should you do?

a give your dog a big hug so it knows you still love it
b pull your dog off, roll it onto its back and show it you're the boss
c retreat
d get proffessional help

On guard! One reason you got a Rottie was because you liked the idea of having a dog what would protech you, but now the dog threatens everyone who approaches you. What should you do?

A don't do anything, its your protection dog.
b stroke your do to calm it when it threatens people.
c when people approach, jerk and reprimand your Rottie as soon as it starts to act up
d avoid confrontations and work with your dog to accept strangers.

Mine! You are concerned that your Rottie might guard its food, so you tested it regularly by taking its bowl away as it ate. Your fears were realized when your dog began growling as you approached its bowl.What should you do?

a ignore the grow, take the bowl and don't return it untill the dog stops growling.
b take the bowl and punish the dog for growling
c add treats to its bowl
d feed the dog in its crate.

ON the hunt. Your dog always seemsed so sweet, buttoday it chased and killed the neighbor's small dog. it happened reight in front of you; your dog never even growled, and in fact, acted like it was all a big game. What should you do?

a have your dog euthanized; children and adults, not to mention your other dog, could be next.
b punish your dog extensively
c dispose of teh body and hope the neighbor doesn't suspect a thing
d keep your dog securely fenced and away from small animals.

December 19th, 2006, 03:26 PM
answers....1) D 2) C 3) D 4) D 5) C or D 6) D

December 19th, 2006, 05:47 PM
1. E. none of the above. you should of taught your dog better manners by now.

2. standing over the dog, grabbing it's head, staring it down, and yanking it's collar will no doubt lead to growling and quite possibly biting. BAD IDEAS. how about E - gently guide the dog off, and instruct he do a down/stay on his own spot.

3. "usually does as it pleases" - this is the REAL problem, not the snarly dog on the bed. you should sleep on the couch since you let the dog rule the house by "doing as it pleases".

4. E. none of the above. you should of taught your dog how to interact with society. he has very bad manners if that happens, go back to dog school.

5. E. none of the above. what'd you expect? you take the dog's food whenever it eats for crying out loud! let the dog eat in peace, and practice with items of lesser value to master the skill.

6. E. seek professional help, fast. get a trained professional to teach you how to read dog body language, how to properly socialize your dog, and how to get and maintain control.

*by "you" I mean the imaginary person in these situations, not YOU, rottielover. I know you have put a great deal of time and effort into your rottie, and would make the right choice in these situations. ;)

** also, my answers are just how I see it - obviously, all hypothetical, just for fun. my answers are just opinions.