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SA(??) + Dart = no sleep for us

December 18th, 2006, 09:46 AM
Alrighty I haveth yet another question....

Dart is wierd. (Ok so that's an understatement but I'd be here all day listing all his quirks)

Let me explain this particular quirk. It involves massive amounts of meowing.

1) Becky goes off to work, a meow of "where did you go" and he's done. He goes off to play and wreak havoc with our Christmas Tree. He almost never does that if Becky's at work and either I or the boyfriend are home.

2) Sometimes the boyfriend and our guy friend, Carter, like to stay up all night play Street Fighter. So they stay up till all hours of the morning and the girls (Becky and myself) sleep in the bedroom. Well if that happens then most of the night Dart will do his "where did you go I'm lonely" meow. Leaving none of us with sleep. This of course leaves us all frustrated and annoyed. IF per chance she locks herself in the bedroom playing a video game during the day, Dart will only meow occassionally (sort of a "I hope you haven't forgotten about me" thing).

3) Recently (the last few months) if she goes to the bathroom and Dart isn't there with her he will meow at the door. We've tried letting him in and then he just meows cuz he hears other people/cats playing OUTSIDE the bathroom.

Is there any way to stop this? I mean I would prefer to sleep on those rare occassions when Arron wants to play games till 4am! These occassions happen at random (so there's no routine to it) but I mean there's no routine in the house anymore (no more school for me, just work). I mean when we move into the two bedroom place, I'm sure that Becky will at some point lock all the cats out of her bedroom so she can sleep! Sleeping is good.

He's also teaching PAWZ to meow like that because it does get our attention. He'll also do his meows for attention. Ignoring him doesn't really work.

Any ideas?

Also, one last thing....

When Becky's boyfriend comes over (once in a blue moon) and Dart will SHUN the boyfriend. Now he's a nice guy and they USED to get along quite well (if you don't remember she got Dart after her boyfriend had broken up with her many months ago...they've now reunited and have been much jobs + tight/dingy/disgusting living conditions would probably break almost anyone up) So same guy and Dart used to use the boyfriend's rear end as a bed most nights.

So we are totally and completely confused as to why Dart absolutely HATES the boyfriend! He does nothing but ignore the boyfriend and jumps out of his arms if he picks him up. (I think that maybe Dart remembers that he just up and dissappeared one day and that now he's randomly appearing again he just doesn't want to deal with him or something) Any tips?


December 19th, 2006, 08:18 AM
He's also teaching PAWZ to meow like that because it does get our attention. He'll also do his meows for attention. Ignoring him doesn't really work.

If the cat is getting any kind of reaction from meowing he will keep doing it. I have a very vocal Maine Coone mix and it took us a very long time to get her to stop meowing at us. She would go for hours at our bedroom door, however once she learned that it wasn't working she stopped doing it. Took about a month though, cats can be quite persistant. So basically what I'm saying is that you need to ignore it, and that means NEVER responding to Dart's meows. If you respond to him even one time out of a hundred he will learn that if he meows a hundred times he'll get the attention he wants. Cats have lots of time on their hands and don't mind waiting if they think their behavior will eventually produce the desired response from you. In the meantime I suggest buying a good set of ear plugs. :D

December 30th, 2006, 10:09 AM
Well ignoring him sure as heck didn't work....he went on for an hour and a half....he STILL is doing it and its rather annoying....

As long as I or Becky are out in the living room then he'll stop doing it but until then its nothing but meows....

I can't afford to get earplugs because I need to hear my alarm clock go off....*sigh*

Of course soon if she gets this payday advance then we really won't have to deal with it.....she's hoping to get a place with the new landlord.....the one that keeps screwing her over.....*shrugs* oh well if she doens't get the place then she's on teh couch for another month.....not my fault.....

Ok well it is my fault because we wouldn't have had rent for January if she hadn't given it to she could have the new place if she wanted....just Arron and I would be out of a place.....*sigh*