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cat crying

March 8th, 2004, 09:15 PM
Thanks for taking the time to read my problem. I am hoping someone can help me with this one. My female cat who is 15 has started meowing very loudly a few months ago. around nov or earlier not sure and i am at my whits end with it. She is fixed, healthy, no new tenants in home, no new food, eats normal, drinks normal, healthy skin, no dryness, no changes in waste matteral. no changes in anything. She will do this as she is walking down the stairs as she is sitting by register in kitchen as she is going in and out of any room. but i think her favorite place is at the top of stairs so it chos. this is done at all hours of day and night. when i approach her she just looks up and meows like normal like hi whats up. i just don't know what to do.... someone help. thanks carmen

March 9th, 2004, 06:30 AM
Hi all! I was going to make my own thread but it relates so much to carmen I will post here. (sorry carmen)

I am having the same problom, except my cat is male, and 11 1/2. He walks around all night crying.

He is fixed, healthy, no new tenants in home, no new food, eats normal, drinks normal, no changes in waste materal.

I thought he was lonely, but he does not like anyone in my house, and will go upstairs and hide. Just recently he has begun hiding under blankets, completely hidden I mean, he has never ever done this before.

I try playing with him, but he gets bored very quickly and ends up staring at me.

Any suggestions comments are welcome, thank you in advance and sorry if I steal the thread.

March 9th, 2004, 07:15 AM
Any behavioural changes warrant a vet check to rule out physical problems...even if the cat "seems" otherwise normal to you, that doesn't mean there's nothing wrong. So that is your first step.

Older cats, especially like the 15 yo, may just be getting a kind of kitty alzheimers...dogs can, so I imagine cats can too.
But in any case, take the cats to a vet first.

I've noticed this last month our cat (he's about six years old) has been a bit more restless and vocal...not a dramatic change. I'm thinking in his case it's spring fever! Weather is changing, he can smell and see more birds & rabbits outside, maybe the mice behind the basement walls (we're kind of rural) are being more active...

March 12th, 2004, 08:19 AM
My female cat who is 10 does the same thing. She has since she was a kitten. Although hers is more of a wail/groan/moan, like a strange mating call. I've discovered that it seems like she is lost, so I call her, let her know where I am (usually in bed at night when its dark), and she calms down and goes to sleep.

My male cat, however, is 6 and is a VERY vocal cat!! We've tried everything (there is a post by me with lots of good ideas from people on this site, if you can search through the archives). We've just resigned to the fact that he likes to talk (like his mom). He has actually quieted down quite a bit since we got our dog Brick!!! :D

I agree with Carina though, take your cat to the vet just to be sure - especially since your cat is a senior!! I did and now I can rest easy knowing it isn't anything health related (I thought my girl was going blind and couldn't find me). Its just reassuring to know they are healthy and yappy!!!

Good luck!!

March 15th, 2004, 05:40 AM
Well certainly not to make light of your situation however I have rescued Siamese cats running around our house and they "TALK" 24/7. If it gets too quiet I wonder what is wrong and where they might be. My house is large enough that if they are in one end of the house I sometiimes can't hear them so I go looking. I have had other cats that suddenly take up communication for no reason at all and it is usually an older cat which I believe is wanting to be reassured they is still human life about...I also have a 15 year old toy poodle who wakes up - even in the broad daylight and starts barking and crying for attention. All I have to do is speak to her and she will quiet down. I think that is old age and she again just wakes up - gets scared at thinking she is alone and starts asking for verification there is still someone around. All part of raising older animals.