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US bloodwork conversion tool

December 16th, 2006, 10:10 AM
Most articles that provide bloodwork norms are written in the US, with makes things real interesting for Canadians or those from other parts of the world who want to do their own comparisions to these articles and when they get their pets bloodwork or urine values are left scratching their head as some of the the numbers are no where close.

Units of measurement: America against the world
American labs use a different version of the metric system than does most of the rest of the world, which uses the Système Internationale (SI). In some cases translation between the two systems is easy, but the difference between the two is most pronounced in measurement of chemical concentration. The American system generally uses mass per unit volume, while SI uses moles per unit volume. Since mass per mole varies with the molecular weight of the analyte, conversion between American and SI units requires many different conversion factors.

This conversion tool can be helpful

You need a photocapy of the lab results so you can see what measures were used , the chart on the bottom of this page shows the units of measure commonly used in the US for bloodwork for dogs and cats and shows the normals ranges , the albumin(serum) can be used to convert the Canadian measure into the US measure for comparision where mg/dl is shown on the chart
for example for mmol/d to g/dl selecting Nitrogen(total) as the analyte will provide the conversion needed.

Different analytes have different measurement conversions, so you might have to poke around the tool a bit to find the conversions needed where there are differences from the US measures

It is not totally 100% accurate but close enough to allow one to see if in range