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Polycythemia in dogs

December 15th, 2006, 11:36 AM
Hi all fellow animal lovers....
I am new here and will try and explain my situation as brief as I can.
Sydney is my 6 yr old Airedale Terrier. She went in for ACL surgery yesterday. When the results came back from her pre opp blood work it was found that her red blood count is way to high. It was explained to me like this...most dogs 40% of their blood is made up of red cells but hers is like 65%. Needless to say they won't do the surgery. So far she has had an ultrasound (to see if any growths appear, and nothing was found) , chest
x-ray (not sure why) and the blood test performed an additional 2 times to cofirm the results. Both her regular vet and the surgeon have been speaking with specialists at OVC and a new blood test has been sent to Pennysylvania I think to confirm either cancer or Polycythemia. She is on Derramax and has been since she injured her leg which I am told is for the pain in her poor leg but from what I have read it is also like a blood thinner, so if she wasn't on Derramax would her red cells be even higher?? I have tried my best to research this but everything I find Is very clinical and talks about primary and secondary and GEESh I am sooooo confused!! Any advice or knowledge on this topic would be appreciated...Thanks in advance for your time!!!