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December 14th, 2006, 04:54 PM
Oh my, I know I said I was searching for a male blue point meezer (not ardently but if I came across one who needed a home..) but Cloie (, an 11 month old former mama may be hard to resist. I know meezers tend to become fertile earlier than most kitty breeds, I am appalled (I guess I am always appalled) that anyone would not bother to spay their cat and then discover that "oops, we have allergies". I guess they meant allergies to a pregnant kitty who thru no fault of her own, met a Tom - these people also thought it was OK for their kitten to roam the dangerous outdoors, dangerous not solely because she might meet a tomcat or other cats - some who need help and have diseases that need to be cared for (It can take all of one bit for a cat to develop feline AIDs or other serious infectious illnesses) - never mind ppl who dislike cats.

I guess in the end the people who got Cloie (they found her in the newspaper so they say, arrrrrrghhhhhhhh!) are just as dangerous as some of those horrid people who leave antifreeze to protect their gardens or well, a plethora of categories that might be included here. I am being diplomatic about her so called owners. Anyone who allows a kitten that young to become pregnant does not deserve a cat. Even tho I see so many difficult things at work, it irks me to no end that in 2006, people in a country like ours where people should know better are still not spaying and neutering their kittens or other pets and some are doing much worse, like selling them. (Any takers on a wager these ppl thought they might make some $$$ from breeding this poor baby!! - being byb for example tho they became that the day they opted not to spay her and allowed her outside.) Given her tiny size - she of course required a c section and a subsequent hysterectomy.

I support only breeding by qualified breeders and even there, I am not convinced not even all of them should be breeding. (Like the ones allowed to breed a Champion simply because she has the title.) I know YY could easily have won a title - had I entered her in that labourous process, no pun intended - but I have no doubt that even if she had, she would not have been allowed to have babies! Anyway - this is about my concern about one tiny little cat who needs a home after living with a family who thought all they had to do was feed her, leave her in and out and occasionally look at her. They claimed to have had a litter box but she sought out a potted plant at the Rescue center so...

She is a delight. Not sure how she'd fit in with my brood tho - a weekend of trying ot out with Cloie in her own space until the others adjust to her or if as a bit of a "scaredy cat", she\d manage with my "loud crowd". My babies are all confident happy kitties who think they own the world and that life is wonderful all the time. So naturally, they might have lots to meerp and meowww about when Cloie arrives. Still, YY - the alpha of the 3, is a sweetheart - and shy mild Cloie is no threat to her realm - seems to have a sixth sense about creatures, human children, seniors who are very lonely and big labs recuperating from hip surgery (thinking of her "lab cousin here, :) ) so one can only try it and see.

Anyway - I think I'll see how she does with my girls. Cross your fingers. Maybe over the holidays since I'll be home (am not going south this time - am on call but it's usually a quiet time.) - and actually, I rather like stopping in to visit those of my patients who have t be in hospital on Christmas Day if it's a holiday really important to them and their family. And of course for the 1st time since 1978, Hanukkah and Xmas intersect this year!

I know my home would be a great home for her but I would rather we know that for certain. Some cats really do need to be an "only" cat and she might be one of those. But it is worth a try.

What do you guys think? And cross your fingers and paws!

December 14th, 2006, 11:28 PM
Good luck, CK. I hope everything works out with her. :)

December 15th, 2006, 12:38 AM
:fingerscr Fingers crossed that she and your brood get along well together. Good luck.