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? about anemic sick cat

December 13th, 2006, 07:51 PM
Hello! I'm hoping I can find some help here. My 16 yoa cat Sylvester is sick. Vet says he's anemic, hematocrit is 10 and it should be 30, with it more than likely being leukemia. My cat contracted feline leukemia from another cat about 5 years ago. Vet started him on an antibiotic just in case it was a flea/tick virus. Waiting on test results for his thyroid (he's really really thin). Vet said we could do a blood transfusion, more test, etc, etc but in the end we're only delaying the inevitable. Vet seems to think he only has about a week to live. He also has a strange collection of fluid that comes and goes underneath the skin in his chest and around his back legs. Haven't noticed any blood in his stool. His liver and kidney function, per blood tests, are normal.

OK, Sylvester's appetite has decreased a great deal the past few weeks, he started eating his cat litter and the past few days he's just been laying around not doing much. I can see the decline in his behavior. But he doesn't appear to my husband and I to be on his death bed. Every once in a while he'll jump off his bed and dart for the kitchen at break neck speed. It just doesn't make any sense to us. We had a cat several years ago that died from feline leukemia and when he got sick he went down hill fast.

I know he's not going to live forever but like I said, he just doesn't appear to us to be on his death bed like the vet says. We are taking him to another vet tomorrow.

Anyone have any experience like this? Ever had to give your cat a blood transfusion?

Your thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you