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kitten driving older cat bonkers !

December 13th, 2006, 09:00 AM
My daughter took in a homeless cat that lived for aprox a year in the neighborhood that she moved into ( been checked for chips/tattoos...none). The cat is a female aprox 3 to 4 years old. She has a very sweet and quiet natured girl. :cat: While out of town one day and buying something in a pet daughter "accidentally" fell in love with a little orange kitten. She said "we should bring him home" to her boyfriend and he had temporary insanity as well so they ended up with this little guy . Long story short he is the busiest kitty ever ! He loves Gypsy and at first tried to nurse ( I feel he was too young to have been separated from his mum ).....he loves to hang off her neck and face and she usually just bats him off ( no claws ) as he does NOT give up. A couple of times she has pinned him down and cleaned him....he doesn't seem to know how to do it for himself. If he would try to just cuddle I'm sure things would be fine. She had only been in my daughter's home for a couple of months so I wouldn't blame her for feeling a bit displaced. This little cat is like a housefly in that he can climb anything so she can't even get high enough to get out of his way. Sometimes they put him in a spare room to give her a break but she is starting to spend more and more time outside.....even to the point that she was gone all weekend. I've thought about going and bringing her to my home during the days I'm not working.......I don't want to upset her too much as the last time I took her away in my cat carrier it was for a trip to the vet. I wonder if it's possible that she will decide not to come in any more? It's winter........and next week my other daughter and her boyfriend are coming for xmas and they are bringing their 2 kittens ! A little older than this guy but one is kinda feisty apparently. I'm afraid Gypsy will leave home for good when she sees them.....not sure if I should get her used to visiting me right away? Is that okay for cats to go between homes? Obviously my much missing and beloved polydactyl didn't like it.....still no sign of her.................redhed

December 13th, 2006, 10:48 AM
To begin with, your other daughter's cats should be shut up in a room over Christmas, preferably where daughter and boyfriend will be sleeping. Since the situation is already somewhat precarious, it would be really unfair to add two more little monsters :) to the mix, when they are only visiting. Give them a litterbox, their own bed and lots of toys. They will be fine.
I really don't see a solution to this. If the female goes outside and is spending more and more time away, it is a signal that she is not happy with her situation. Two months is not nearly long enough to establish a solid bond with most cats so it's not surprising that her attachment to home is a bit fragile. The kitten is just...being a kitten
For the moment, I would keep the female inside at all times, in her own space, and only allow supervised interaction between the two cats. Give the female lots of attention, reinforcing her alpha status. Run the kitten ragged with a laser pointer and other games. I suspect the kitten is grabbing the lion's share of your daughter's attention, as kittens will. This needs to be corrected.
The radical solution would be to take one of them home with you permanently.
If your daughter is too busy to try to repair the situation, this may be best.

December 13th, 2006, 10:51 AM
I agree with Badger. I wouldn't let the cat outside at all. If she is continuing to spend more and more time outside, then I would be very afraid that she may not come back.:shrug:

December 13th, 2006, 12:25 PM
I don't see any problem with 'shared' cat duties. My parents own a trailer that they spend time there year round, they would take their animals with them(cat & dog) at the time I was owned by 3 cats myself. After the first couple winters they decided to leave their cat at home(over weekend & my brother would stop in) and one of mine would go over to keep him company, they ended keeping him all winter and he would come back to our home all summer. JMO it worked for us
I agree that the kitten is just being a pain in the butt kitten, that's their job:rolleyes: I think the female would be much happier and safer at your home as an indoor only cat, I am afraid that if your daughter continues to let Gypsy outside and she finds it bothersome inside she will 'choose' to leave. On a side note you might find that 'you accidentally' fall in love with her and she'll stay with you full time :fingerscr
Are your 2 daughters staying with you or at daughters home for Christmas?

December 13th, 2006, 05:42 PM
Thanks all for your replies. I do agree that it was way too soon after Gypsy moved in to get another cat. All things considered I don't know that she would go too far if she "ran away from home" as she is in the same neighborhood that she's been a stray in. So far the only reason I haven't brought her to my home is that I didn't want to displace her. ( plus I'm still suffereing a broken heart from the loss of my beloved cat ) As far as accidentally falling in love with her....I have already....and consider her my grandcat. LOL. As my other daughter and BF and cats will be staying up there I think it might be nicer for Gypsy to come over to my house over the holidays. No young kids or anything and if daughter is the one who brings her she won't look at me as the mean lady who takes her to the vet and away from home. Daughters will probably be at my place during the day.....good idea to keep their cats in their room......there is a gigantic closet in the guest room there that can easily house their catbox and beds out of the way...they are city cats so are totally indoor cats. Badger I love the laser pointer idea as that little orange kitten chases EVERYTHING.....he would absolutely love that and maybe would sleep at night instead of wanting to play. I must pick one up tomorrow !!! Always great advice from folks on this forum....and many kind and comforting words in regard to my other posts about my lost cat..........Thank you........redhed

December 13th, 2006, 06:38 PM
Sounds like Gypsy has found an angel:angel: for a grandmother.

December 16th, 2006, 08:15 AM
Well we gave Gypsy a great pre-christmas present......I was at work yesterday and while my daughter (who had a day off ) went christmas shopping she brought the "baby" down to my house for my son to kitty sit....apparently the first couple of hours were very "zoomie" but by the time my husband and I got home he was quite happy to be here and just playing nicely. Badger was right...he loved chasing the light around ( didn't get a laser one...had a penlight ). My son went to bed extra early so I gather he was exhausted by his little "friend". I went to bed before my husband and when I came downstairs this morning he was still on the couch with the kitten sleeping happily between his knees.....hubby said he didn't want to move in case he set him into a zoomie session for the rest of the night...actually we are just suckers for our pets....Now maybe this is just the granny coming out in me but I find him delightful ! He comes when he's called, he uses the litter box ( it is quite out of the way so I wondered if he would remember where we showed him ) and he plays with no claws..and he slept thru the night...the only incident is a few minutes ago he tried to climb up my bare leg like a tree trunk to see who I was emailing. Daughter left him here for a sleepover and apparently Gypsy rules the house again up there. I'm sure she is probably thinking that they have finally come to their senses and gotten rid of the little orange monster....LOL. He doesn't seem to be bothered by being in a strange place so I think we'll make it at least a once a week thing for Gypsy's sake. Hopefully he will calm with age and they will become friends....he just wants to play play play with her apparently......she just isn't playful...very docile and mild mannered. He is not taking her bodylanguage cues... I hope they come to love each other...he's willing...:fingerscr