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Hi. I'm new here,and I have a question

December 12th, 2006, 07:04 PM
Hi everyone. I have kind stumbled onto this board, and it looks great. I do have questions. First, let me give you some history.

I have wanted a dog for years, and finally my husband agreed. We adotpted our baby Finn when he was 3 months, from the SPCA. He is now 7 months old (almost 8). Well, he HATES having his nail clipped, and will not let us do it at all. he bites at us and everything. He is a very vocal dog who talks a lot and is a bit whiney (he's part husky and apparently huskies are known to be vocal). Well, yesterday I brought him to the groomers to have his nails done. They took him behind in the room, and as soon as they started, he cried harder then I ever heard him cry. It was like a scream! I had to leave the room (I have become VERY attached to him). He was in there about 5 minutes or less. When they brough him out, they said that he got so upset that he gave himself a little nosebleed. He was fine when he came out, and there was no sign of any blood then. So, it must have been very minor.

My qustion this common, or should I be worried. I know that I probably baby him a little too much, and he is a bit sooky. I am now terrified that he has something wrong with him. He was neutered in October, and everything was fine then.

My next the heck am I going to get his nails trimmed again??? He is such a nervous dog. I don't know if he was abused or anything before we got him, because he was a stray. But we give him nothing but love and affection. he doesn't like having anyhting done to him. He doesn't even like to get brushed!

Please help.


December 12th, 2006, 07:15 PM
i have a couple of husky crosses and and their pretty whiney at times. they are pretty vocal and when they dont like something they whine alot about it. i would say bring him to a reputable professional to continue getting his nails trimmed. try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. lots of treats and praise could either you or your hubby go in the room with him to help ease his anxiety.

December 12th, 2006, 07:27 PM
Hello and welcome...
I have a husky cross, Sage, and she is also very vocal.....we have to do a few things to her she doesn't like and she sometimes sounds like we are killing her......I am talking putting a little powder on her tummy, and howling....

As for the nosebleed...I have never seen this in any of my dogs and would call my vet and ask about it.

It is not easy to deal with but I have a few tips that we have discovered.

For her nails...I do one at a time as she is relaxed when she is sound asleep.....always follow with a piece of dried salmon....lately I have been getting an entire paw done at once....

For her voice generally, we spent a great deal of time teaching her the difference between "big voice", a full bark or howl, and "little voice", a soft moan or chirp sound.
Bathtime is always a vocal affair but she will settle down when reminded to use a "little voice"

Husky crosses can be very strong-willed and stubborn....I like to think of it as great strength of character is crossed with a chow....stubborn...yup!

Please read up about training your pup specifically northern breeds.....and ways in which you can establish the pack order of the family.

and again I encourage you to call your vet and ask about the nosebleed.....

A reputable groomer will let you watch what they are doing...if you have any concerns, you can stay in the room with your pu and see exactly what they are doing....