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Question regarding my Italian Greyhound

IG Momma
December 11th, 2006, 08:45 PM
Here's the situation, 2 weeks ago my Italian Greyhound jumped out of my arms and landed on the side walk and fractured both front legs. She had surgery to repair the legs, but I've been having trouble with her ever since. She was rescued in October from a puppy mill. She came to me with no house skills, and appeared to have not seen grass or even been on a leash before.

Anyway, she's been steadily improving, but I noticed she started to urinate more frequently. I dropped of a urine sample at my regular vet(the specialist who did the surgery gave him all the notes on her and a list of all the medications she was taking). He said there was some blood in her urine and wants to switch her from Simplicef to Amoxi. I can't get ahold of the specialist, but I'm worried about doing this, isn't Amoxi alot less powerful then the Simplicef? I'm worried about her getting a bone infection(she's got external fixatures and pins going all the way through her leg) if I change to a less powerful antibiotic. I'm also worried that the blood in her urine could be caused from something else related to her medications(she's currently on Simplicef, Rimadyl, and Tramadol, and she just finished with her 2nd Fentanyl patch). Am I over reacting? Is it really safe to go with a less powerful antibiotic?

December 12th, 2006, 12:17 PM
We're not qualified to give dosing advice on medication. I would consult a 2nd or even 3rd vet and get an opinion on something like that.