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Keeping a cat

morning rain
December 8th, 2006, 08:49 PM
Hi everyone

I really find cats very adorable and am thinking of keeping one. I have no prior experience and was just wondering if my full time job will come in the way of caring for my kitten. What will happen when I go to work, can I keep it in a crate the way people keep their dogs in crates. How much time would I be expected to share with my kitty? Will it destroy my furniture? Will it disturb me evry morning from sleep? I have begun to read some literature regarding cats but was keen to know the experiences of cat owners. Are cats as loving and interactive as dogs are? Please pardon my lack of knowledge but we all have to start somewhere !

December 9th, 2006, 09:56 PM
Cats are amazing creatures. You don't need to crate a cat, as they are pretty much litter box trained, but if you are worried about your furniture, you can limit your kitty to a small room with litter box, food and water, toys, and a scratching post.

You can learn to trim kitty's nails and then no more worries about furniture. DO NOT DECLAW!!!

All cats are different, you may get one that is more solitary, or you may get one that is playful, or one that is very needy and cuddly, or one that is a little of everything!

Do your research, know what you're getting into.

Or just go to the local rescue shelter and hold every cat/kitten until there is one that makes your heart melt, and you can't imagine leaving the shelter without it.

There is no better sound to lull you to sleep than a cat's purring.

Good Luck! I love cats, and I'm sure with the right one you will too.