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Decon mouse didn't harm dog!

December 8th, 2006, 02:55 PM
Great news, all!! My dog Sammy (who partially ate mouse poisoned with decon) is doing great, and didn't need to be taken in to vet after all! It was taking awhile to get this users account set-up and started so I called my sister-in-law who is a vet tech in the meantime. My daughter actually is the one who did the asking on this web site, but I'm glad she did, as I didn't even think to use the internet for help and now I've found a new site to visit daily! Anyways, my in-law told my to feed Sammy a piece of chocolate (SMALL piece) to enduce him to vomit up the mouse! He was back to his lovable self in no time!

December 8th, 2006, 03:28 PM
great news that sammy is ok, hope he is more fussy over what he eats now :) and that he stays well and healthy

December 8th, 2006, 06:26 PM
OMG NEVER EVER EVER feed a dog chocolate! PLEASE! Chocolate is not a vomiting enducer. It's just toxic!

And please, if this ever happens again, don't wait it out. Who knows the organ damage from the rodent poison. :sad:

December 8th, 2006, 06:35 PM
Dog should have seen a vet either or. It may have damage you can't see. A vet tech who suggests chocolate for a dog is one who I'd be avoiding.

December 8th, 2006, 06:43 PM
hi welcome to the board

I'm sorry to disappoint you though, but we are not your "free vet advice" answer to your questions. While this board is open to help in any matter, anything beyond advice on grooming and exercise as well as behaviour and training, should be addressed more seriously to your vet. Nobody here is qualified enough to help your dog via internet from rat poisoning.

So feel free to post pics and update us on how your pets are doing but should they eat any poisoned wild animals in the future, go straight to the vet instead of hurrying to post on here.:thumbs up

December 8th, 2006, 06:43 PM
IMPORTANT NOTE to anyone who may be a guest reading this thread...

chocolate is TOXIC to dogs.
D-con is also.

if either have been ingested, get to a vet ASAP. do not feed chocoate to induce vomiting in ANY animal... EVER. go to a vet for proper care.

December 8th, 2006, 06:50 PM
Awesome, Jessi. :)

Angies Man
December 8th, 2006, 07:04 PM
To add to what Jessi said:

Decon is toxic--poisonous--to pets; it kills rodents by breaking down cell walls so that the critter essentially bleeds to death from the inside. It also does this with dogs and cats.

Decon and pet ownership don't mix. This stuff should be no where near your pet's environment. Use mechanical traps. We know they're icky :yuck: when they do their job, but they won't kill your pets.

December 8th, 2006, 07:09 PM
We finally fixed our mouse issue this week. A crack we didn't notice was letting in mice. 2 years of issues we didn't have to have..
My father wanted to start poisoning, but even though Cider doesn't go in the basement, I was worried. Mechanical traps are gross but theres the hard plastic ones that while cost a bit more you never have to touch the dead mouse.. Not perfect, but less gross.

December 9th, 2006, 02:11 PM
So poisoning a dog and leaving it untreated, then giving it another toxic substance is a permanent fix how? While I'm glad your dog survived, I'm afraid your methods will ensure that doesn't stay the case for very long. If you're unprepared and unwilling to take your animal to the vet in an emergency situation, then perhaps you need to rethink owning a dog,, since technically this is neglect.