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An American Pittbull Scenario

March 5th, 2004, 05:22 PM
I thought you guys might like to read this story. I read it in a APBT book with information about the breed in it.

An APBT Scenario

The little girl, about four years old, was playing in the backyard of her suburban Florida home. She had carefully arranged her dolls for a tea party. Her mother was watching her out of the kitchen window. So intent was the child in her pretending that she sensed nothing amiss, no danger.

In this same suburb, two or three houses up the street, lived a powerful American Pit Bull Terrier. Seven years old, a muscular 45 pounds, he was covered with scars from his years as a fighting dog. Retired from the pit, the dog lived his life in his new home in comfort. At times, this pit veteran would excape from his backyard, and today was just such a time.

The dog jumped up on an outdoor grill and from there he cleared the fence. As he walked down the street, he saw the movement from the little girl's backyard and moved in that direction. The child didn't see him enter her yard. She didn't see him fixate on her. She didn't see the intent look in his eye. She didn't see him when he started his charge toward her.

The child's mother saw the dog hurling toward her daughter, but she didn't have time to call out. The little girl looked up and saw the rapidly approaching dog. She screamed as the animal leaped toward her. The dog jumped over the little girl and landed squarely atop a large rattlesnake coiled only a few feet away. Though bitten by the rattler, the dog easily killed the snake and vigorously shook the still-writhing body.

The child's mother ran to gather up her crying child and the dog dropped the snake and ran over to the little girl and becan covering her face with licks of affection. The child's mother arrived and saw the child, the dog, and the twitching snake. She embraced the child and the dog, an old family friend.

Two decades after:

The young mother carried the two babies cradled in her arms as she walked slowly over the springy Florida grass. The weather was warm and humid, lovebugs had not yet started their frantic swarming, but in a few weeks they would. The young mother, in her mid-twenties, had lived in Florida all her life. She was accustomed to the weather and the occasional insect. She was not thinking of either as she walked toward the small grave in the shadow of a giant long-leaf pine.

At the grave, the young woman placed the two youngsters on the soft grass. She pulled a weed or two from around the simple grave stone and then she flipped back the brass picture holder and looked inside. The picture was still clear to see. A large APBT and a very small girl were both smiling at the camera.

She thought of a day two decades befor when that very dog had saved that very child from a huge Florida rattlesnake. A tear rolled down her race as she closed the picture holder and picked up the little ones to walk back to her car. The little girl looked very mcuh like the child in the picture, but the APBT puppy still had a long way to go to resemble his grandsire, a fine Colby game-bred APBT

March 5th, 2004, 05:57 PM
Thats a fantastic story I LOVED IT!!

We never hear this on the 6 oclock news!! AND WE SHOULD

I'm printing this story out , I love it thank u for posting it!!

March 6th, 2004, 08:06 AM
Agree Luba,I was ready for another horror-story,but this was wonderful..a bit of a tear at the end though:p

March 6th, 2004, 09:36 AM
Has anyone ever watched Animal Miracles?It's hosted by Allen Thick.It's all true stories about what animals have done to help owners/people/kids.It's an amazing show.Watching it now.

There was an episode almost like that one.The only difference was,the dog belonged to the family and it was a 8-9 year old boy.

No he wasn't having a tea party.LOL

It is an amazing show....If you get a chance watch it...It's on the Life channel at 10am on Saturdays.

March 10th, 2004, 08:30 AM
hehe, I thought you guys would like it.

I think the book wrote it so it seemed that the dog would attack the child, but didn't and got the snake instead.:D