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Ktten maybe pregnant...Help

December 3rd, 2006, 02:19 PM
Hi all. Bare with me as I tell whats up. My mother had a feral cat have a litter of kittens..3 in the first litter which was borned in the first part of May 06. Then She had another litter towards the end of June 06. The 2nd litter was 4 kittens. I brought one of the kittens home with me and I adpoted one from some friends. Took the 2 about a week to get use to each other.

Last night I brought the other female of the litter home with me so that she wouldn't get pregnant by the male cats that are there but comparing her to her sister ...she looks like she may be already pregnant. If she is would be either by her father or the male from the 1st litter. She is a feral kitten and isn't easy to get a hold of. I have read on the net that a pregnant cat looks for the affection and to be loved on. she is doing that. Please help...any suggestions?

December 3rd, 2006, 02:54 PM
my advice? get these cats all spayed and neutered ASAP. Bring the female you are worried about to a VET for help. use a trap if necessary to catch her.

December 3rd, 2006, 05:52 PM
If she's so hard to get hold of, how were you able to bring her home? The best thing you can do for any of these cats is to have them spayed and neutered, one by one.
The little female who looks pregnant should go to the vet right away to be checked out, and if she is not too far along, spayed right away. It seems cruel, I know, but much better for her in the long run.

December 3rd, 2006, 06:02 PM
hi, im caneys partner, emma, and i just wanted to fill in the gaps, lol

jenny, a feral cat appeared in the garden at caney's mom's, with 3 newborn kittens, so the family, being animal lovers, fed jenny and the kittens, oreo, double stuff and phill, phill died just a few weeks old, and oreo was hit by a car not long after jenny had the next litter. although not "pets" we all got fond of jenny and her babies.

jenny had another litter, 4 kittens this time, bilbo, frodo, baggins and gandalf, so the family began putting out more as stuff and oreop, and giving kitten milk to the babies, to help out jenny since it was so close to her first litter, and we were concearned that jenny could not produce enough milk for her brood, since we saw oreo and stuff still nursing when they could get near her,

so, now there are 7 (6 after oreo died) cats in the yard...

although jenny chose mom's yard, caney took responsibility for vetinary care, all the kittens have had shots, and jenny was spayed once the kittens were old enough to be without her milk overnight, but we only have so much money,there has already been almost $900 spent on vet care. so although a difficult choice, we have had to wait to neuter and spay the cats,

caney was going to take gandlalf and bilbo when she moved out of her moms, since they were the two we both really fell in love with, unfortunatly bilbo, the weaker one of the litter, got a respitory infection, that was just too strong for him to fight, he passed away in the vets hands after fighting two weeks,

then, at a family occasion, there was a litter of kittens to be rehomed, and one of them was the double of bilbo, she was smitten, and munchkin came home too, (oreo had passed away by now, so still 7 cats)

gandalf and munchkin have settled down together, and they are both happy and healthy kittens, munchkin is almost 4 months old, and gandalf is almost 6 months old.

we researched online, and finding out female cats become fertile around 6-7 months, we realised baggins was going to have to come live with us, until she could be spayed,

since caney moved out (i am staying with her right now, as im english and am in the US visiting) we have only really seen baggins in the dark, and shes not really liked being handled, so they have all been pretty much left too it, fed and watered, and used to human company but not as affectionate as house cats, baggins would run away when we got close,

we got hold of her last night, and were shocked at how big her tummy is, since its been hard to see her clearly in the dark (black cat at night, and shes got a thick coat) and we are worried that she may be pregnant, we introduced her to munchkin and gandalf last night, and although there has been some hissing and stareing down, they have not been fighting, so we are hopefull they will get along. since we got her home, baggins has been as affectionate a cat as you could wish for, lieing in our arms and purring away, even coming and asking for some lovin'.

we love all our furry babies, and baggins is going to get whatever vetinary care she needs, shes going to the vets tomorrow evening, and fingers crossed our baby aint gonna be a momma,

December 3rd, 2006, 08:21 PM
Good luck at the vets. Hope she's not pregnant.

December 5th, 2006, 11:37 AM
is emma, caneys partner here,

thank you all for your replys

caney spoke to the vet, and she said that because of her age, its extreamly unlikely that baggins is pregnant, but that she has begun to have her heat cycles, the bloating and need for affection are there, but her nipples are still tiny, and shes still too young, so huge relief,

caney also spoke to her mom, and laid it down for her, her mom calls baggins her kitty, and that she wants her back, but caney is not gonna let her go until shes been spayed, and then she might need to be an indoor cat, since the males and the female (her brothers and momma) probably wont accept her again right away.

so, now we have 3 cats, lol

all of our babies are beautiful, have unique personalities and mannerisms. i have to say i was not really a cat person till i came back here, and caney handed me munchkin, and since then i am smitten,

take care everyone, and have a happy holiday :)