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How can I implore vet to check for microchip in my missing cat??

December 2nd, 2006, 09:05 AM
As some may remember my beloved Polydactyl went missing from my daughter's home where she was staying for a couple of days while we were away in late August. I have tried everything to try to find her.....newspaper , radio, newspaper for 6 weeks...still refresh bulletin boards with new REWARD Posters...I've told everyone I know and even those I don't know in case someone may hear of her being in someone's home or something. There are several cats around where she went missing and they weren't eaten by coyotes so I don't know why mine would be the only eaten one. I truly believe she is in someone's home and they don't want to give her up. She is a gorgeous long haired angora furred polydactyl with a wonderful temperment. I have given a photo to the only veterinarian office in town. ( the only place that can check for microchips ) I asked that if in the next year or so someone brings in a polydactyl resembling the photo if they would PLEASE PLEASE wave the wand over it to see if it is my baby. The one receptionist told me that if the people that brought her in said they didn't know where she came from and wanted her checked out they would do the wand thing ....but basically not unless they asked! Last week I took the stray my daughter took in for a checkup and specifically asked that they wave the wand over her to make sure she doesn't have someone looking for usual I always take the opportunity to mention my missing cat and the vet said "oh we've had several polydactyls in lately" ( I only know of one other in town that the animal shelter called me to look at in case it was mine)... I said...."did you see one that looked like the one in the picture in your office?" She didn't really answer me as the cat I was with was squirmy and she was giving it a shot. I said "please if you see her wave the wand over her? she basically said that unless the people who brought her in specifically requested it they don't do that......that it could be up to a year even before someone brought her in and then the new people would be attached and there would be 2 families fighting over her !!!! I couldn't believe my ears....I said something about " well even joint custody would be agreeable to me"....she said "well I guess it would be nice to at least know what happened to her anyway eh?" I was close to tears at that point and told her that I was still actively looking and how long I had advertised etc.....that I couldn't imagine that someone who had found a beautiful obviously well cared for cat didn't know that I was looking for her ! The town I live in only has aprox 8000 people living in it. I felt hopeless when I left the office wondering if my cat has already crossed the threshold there and they won't tell me. My husband said " ask them why the hell you would have paid so much money to have the damn microchip put in if they aren't going to check for you !" There is one animal shelter in town and one of the volunteers there is the wife of my husbands co worker so she keeps me up to date on the cats that come to the shelter....she is actively looking for my cat. If she got there I have no doubt she would be home ASAP. I will be taking my daughter's new kitten to the vet for a check up early in the new year........does anyone have any advice as to what to say to the vet to implore her to check the polydactyl female cats that come in? There cannot be many if any more in this town ! I'm afraid if I insult her she will purposely not check....who knows ...maybe she saw how upset I was and will ask people where they got the cat and if she can check. Sorry my letter is so long but I am not only sad now....but frustrated as well !! Redhed

December 3rd, 2006, 06:01 AM
What a terrible thing to go through ~ I'm so sorry. I know when my grrrl Ceili was stolen, I was beside myself with grief.

Perhaps a first step would be to write your Vet a letter ~ a brief letter as she likely doesn't have a great deal of time ~ describing your feelings of deep loss, pleading her for help. Enclose 10 stamped envelopes with an "open letter" of appeal to the folks who have recently brought in polydactyl cats. Include your telephone number and a picture of your kitty, making it clear that your are only desperate to have your kitty home, no questions asked. Ask your Vet to address and post your letters to these folks. At worst you're out some stationary and stamps. In your letter to your Vet, make sure to request a written reply so that you can confirm she received your letter and is willing/unwilling to act. That will guide your next steps in dealing with her ~ reluctance ~ to be of assistance.

I hope your kitty is home with you where she belongs soon.:pray:

December 3rd, 2006, 06:56 AM
I am really sorry and can understand your feeling of frustration.
In a small town of 8.000 ppl,I would think a vet would recognise an Angora poly cat,especially if she was a patient of his/hers,even without checking for a microchip.
Just like my odd-eyed cat,there would not be that many around,exactly alike.
Writing a letter,where you could be a little less emotional sounds like a good idea.
I've never had a cat run away,but if I did,the feeling of not knowing would leave me forever wondering and sad.
If you have a small local paper,a story about your missing beauty might give some result. Good Luck!

December 3rd, 2006, 07:52 AM
I'm so sorry for your ordeal. I think that the letter to the vet and also seeing if you can get your story in the paper are great ideas. Hope you get some good news soon. :fingerscr

December 3rd, 2006, 08:13 AM
Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but your husbands right, only why don't you go to the chip company, explain you had the chip put in for this very reason and so far you have not had the chance to see if there product works, give them your vet details and see if they can intervene on your behalf.

December 3rd, 2006, 06:13 PM
Thank you everyone that has replied to me. I really appreciate your support. It's been over 3 months since my cat's dissappearance and most people don't understand why I'm not "over" it by now. Thank goodness other pet lovers do "get" it. I am thinking that if I did an actual write up in the paper without having any real evidence that my cat is still alive...the little white truck with the men in white coats will be pulling into my driveway. If I am able to coax the fact that one of the polydactyls that visited the vet's office was likely her I will definitely put in another ad at least and perhaps ask the lady from the animal shelter to again mention it on her weekly radio ad. The ads that I ran for several weeks (thanks to an editor who also had a cat go missing once ) was quite heart wrenching if I do say so myself. I did have several calls from people who saw cats that I did go and investigate thouroughly and none turned out to be mine. A young lady that works with me has made it her mission to find my cat....LOL she was suspicious of her neighbor who had a similar cat that had turned up suddenly out of the blue. She tactfully interrogated the lady who said she got it at the shelter.......she came and got another picture of her ( which I carry in my wallet just in case ) and before she got a chance to invite herself back over for coffee to the neighbors I had contacted my "inside" person at the shelter who was able to tell me that a cat that had same coloring but was a male did go to the "suspect" in question. I will definitely use the " why did I spend $ to get a chip put in" argument when I go to the vet again ( thank goodness my daughter has another cat to take....I'll have to offer to take friends and neighbors pets so I can conduct my covert operation...LOL) I'll see what her attitude is when I don't give up. I'll try to work on more logical reasons to explain why she should check EVERY polydactyl cat that comes in with long fur. I have found that there isn't much use doing my 3 or 4 drive arounds in my daughter's neighborhood in the winter......not a cat in sight...unlike the summer when they are all over everywhere at night.....cept...for one beautiful far. Thanks all :fingerscr

December 3rd, 2006, 06:43 PM
Dear Redhed, I lost my Kitty 3 years ago and Although most people think I'm nuts, including my husband, I still email all the shelters so they don't forget her or what she looks like incase some day someone may just by some miracle bring her I understand what you are living...:(

December 4th, 2006, 12:25 AM
I'm so sorry for what you are going through. :sad:

I also live in just outside of a town with 8000 people. But I am lucky enough to be on great terms with my vet's office and know they would all be going out of their way with their help.

Good luck with finding your little girl. :fingerscr

December 4th, 2006, 08:41 AM
I'm so sorry redhead that you lost your precious cat. Having a family member suddenly disappear must be so hard for you to deal with. You seem to be doing everything possible to bring your kitty home again and I wish you all the luck in the world with that. Look forward to the day that I read your post saying she has been returned to you.

December 6th, 2006, 03:45 AM
I don't understand your vet not willing to scan cats that resemble your missing cat. If the cat is with the rightful owner then what is the problem? We recently had our **** zu chipped and tatooed for that very reason, if she was stolen or lost we would get her back. Ask the vet if one of his/her kids went missing, would they not want to be contacted if someone matching the desciption was suddening living with a new family? We rescued our first dog {which was on her way to be shot} and found out which vet she went to, when we took her in to get her history they couldn't believe that the dog belonged to us . It took alot of explaining and phone calls to convince them the dog was actuary ours and not stolen. I'm sure that our vet would scan any pet that could be suppected of being stolen or lost. Anyway I hope your cat finds her way home to her rightful owners.

December 7th, 2006, 07:15 AM
Thank you so much everyone for your continuing support. I am glad to hear that it really does seem unusual that my vet ( who has cared for this cat since my daughter and I got her) is the one who is being unreasonable in not checking. I don't know why it suddenly dawned on me as I was reading the latest post that I should probably be sending photos to veterinarians in towns outside of mine. If there is someone out there with my cat in their home ...they definitely know I'm looking for her ( there were posters on every block for a 2 mile the local elementary schools...on the window next to the busiest ATM in my city ) on the local advertising channel in the paper for aprox 2 my husbands workplace ...on my car window... at the one bakery in town...the grocery store bulletin board....and at the vets office get the idea. It would be impossible to have found a beautiful cat like that and not notice missing cat posters. Then again IF she was eaten by something I am mad at some faceless person for no reason....maybe I need a pet psychic? Just kidding........although......hmmm. If she is on the "other" side....then I could move on. Okay now even I am thinking I sound " obsessed ".....honestly I am a normal person really. I do hear of a lot of cats that are given away or go missing who turn up at their home months who knows. Thanks again everyone !:frustrated:

December 7th, 2006, 07:22 AM
Im so sorry redhead that you are going through this. If someone went missing here Iwould be the same as you.:grouphug: I have no advice to offer but I really will be keeping you, your family and of course your kitty in my thoughts.
I hope one day really soon you find her. :fingerscr

December 7th, 2006, 07:35 AM
Redhead,believe me,you are not obsessed.
If any of my cats went missing,I would not have a moment of peace,until I knew one way or the other what happened to him/her.:sad:
It seems you have done everything humanly possible,with posters etc..someone must know something.
I have been very loyal to my vets over the years with my cats,if they showed no interest in helping,by a simple check,especially since he knows your cat,he/she would not see my cats again...
But it's not helping you right now:(
Hopefully you'll get your best X-Mas present ever,in the return of your kitty:fingerscr :pray: