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Winter cat shelters

December 1st, 2006, 12:30 PM
I was just sent this by someone, and thought it would be good to share with all you "stray/feral" cat helpers.:) Great step by step instructions on how to make them!!

December 1st, 2006, 04:14 PM
Happycat,that looks great,especially the wooden one.
I don't have any ferals or strays around here,but if we did,it would be a nice project to build.

kashtin's kin
December 2nd, 2006, 12:55 AM
That's an excellent article, with very detailed steps that even I could follow! Coincidentally, I just spent a while yesterday finishing off some things on WW's (see 'Feral Cat Capture' thread below, somewhere!) winter shelter.

I found some shelter info on the web earlier this fall: the main structure consisted of 'clamshell' styrofoam insulation (apparently commonly used to deliver meat to restaurants, and free for the asking). The site-sorry, can't recall which one :o -recommended then covering the styrofoam with mactac/adhesive shelf etc. liner to deter cats from scratching it.

There were better directions, but that was the basic idea; I was planning to follow this plan, but while I was psyching my klutzy self up, el hubby surprised me :thumbs up by encasing the cardboard box/cave WW camped out in (inside a large cage) during her spay recovery with 2" thick styrofoam slabs cut to fit.

He had bought the styrofoam pieces from a hardware store last year-about 4 2'x2'?! pieces packaged together, not terribly expensive (important criteria around here!). All I had to do was mactac the outside; I also duct-taped all the edges for extra sturdiness..."duct tape forever", as Red Green would say (Canadian fixit humour :D ).

The finishing touches involved putting in fresh wood shavings-good alternative to straw-and fixing the box on a wooden platform avec 'porch', off the ground and in a sheltered corner (AND handily located adjacent to the feeding station, for WW's dining convenience).

WW has a few nests in deserted outbuildings nearby our itsy bitsy ranchero, and the weather until yesterday was uncharacteristically demure and warm for Nov./Dec. in S. Ontario, so Auberge WW hasn't been truly tested yet...but it's out there!

I took some pics of the basic box while it was in OUR house, and I'll take some outside as well (when the wind decides to back off to the extent that I don't need an anchor rope to do my outside chores :eek: ). I'll post them on the abovementioned thread, since one of the pics has 'the Sparkster' (spawn of WW, converted to domesticity :cat: ) in it.

Hopefully these posts will help inspire other critter angels :angel: to create their own versions of 'Cat [Gimme] Shelters' previous years, I made wood shaving nests under our hay shed for the occasional stray-passing-through, but I was always kind of wondering just how to make something more permanent...