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anyone heard of this breed: Moscow Watchdogs

November 30th, 2006, 03:45 PM
found an ad on a local London trade site and had never heard of this breed. Did a web search and voila! It is a "breed".

Here's what they are, from one website:

The Moscow watchdog is a Russian breed wich is a result of purposeful breeding work done by the Soviet Army. The breed was not known outside Eastern Europe until after the break up of the Soviet Union. They crossed the beautiful St. Bernards (increase the size and strength and a more temperament) Caucasian Shepherds (wich gave it great watch) and Russian Spotted Hound dogs.

Moscow Watchdog is a tall big-boned but is not clumsy can move easily, elegant. It has a massive head and powerful legs. Moscow watchdog is well developed muscularly and mentally.

He is easily trained to serve as a companion dog, a watchdog or to serve on guard duty. He is fine in temperament. They also do not know fear.

Head: is massive ,big with a wide skull
Nose: is big, broad, and black
Lips: are fat, meaty and black
Jaws: massive, theeth are big, white lower incisors stay in on line, bite scissors type
Cheekbones: well developed
Back: wide, straight and muscular
Eyes: not big, dark, rounded, deep and straight set. Eyelids are black.
Fur: the fur is rough, long but there are variations with less long fur, closely tight fitting an thick with a well developed undercoat. On the head and front side of the legs the hair is shorter and close fitting.
Coloring: Reddish brown with white marks (not to much white), red / black or turning to gray white breast, the front of the legs up to the elbows and hindquarters up to knees and the end of the tail, dark eyes and dark the end of the ears. White collar that can be wider or less wide. The coloring of the top of the head is darker than on the body, symmetrical mask.
Height of the wither: 27-29 in (68-75 cm) males
26-28 in (66-70 cm) for bitches
bigger size is also allowed
Expected duration of life: 10-12 years.

Who knew!

December 1st, 2006, 04:50 AM
It didn't give give a weight range?.