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Fat Angry Cat unable to clean self

November 27th, 2006, 12:35 AM
Hello !

My close friend has recently ( about 6 months now ) acquired an extremely overweight long hair cat . She is widely known as an easy touch when it comes to stray cats .

It didn't take long for her to realize why the cat was "Dumped" on her . This poor cat is so overweight that she is unable to properly clean her rear-end after going to the Litter Box . She has had the problem for a while and she gets extremely hostile when you attempt to help her clean up .

She has tried to put the cat on a wieght loss diet , but the going is very slow . Her most effective solution has been to take her to the Vet who sedates the cat and performs the necessary clipping and cleanup .

The problem with this is that the Vet refuses to do this more than two times annually . You might guess that the problem gets way out of hand long before this time elapses .

I wpuld love to help my friend with her cat dilemma .

Do you have any solutions other than advising weight loss ? We need a method to do at least a weekly cleanup without getting torn to shreds .

Any help you provide will be Greatly Appreciated .


November 27th, 2006, 01:18 AM
well weight loss is a huge issue, more than grooming if you ask me. Getting a cat to lose weight is a slow process, and you have to give it slightly less food, not for example half of what she normallly gets or she'll get sick.

You can take the cat to a groomer to have her shaved off until the weight problem is less severe.

November 27th, 2006, 01:27 AM
I agree about having this cat shaved will be much more manageable if the hair is just clipped right down and it will last a long time.

I have a cat who 8 9 months ag was obese, became diabetic and is now diet controlled. We put her on an all canned food., high protien , lower carb...the "catkins diet" if you
She is a lean, muscular, healthy fourteen year old now who is chasing shadows again.

I would be happy to share some links to some food carts that lay out the carb, protien, and fat %, should your friend wish to know more.


November 27th, 2006, 09:54 PM
I agree with the others.....take her to the groomer to have her butt shaved down. And, definitely keep her on a diet. :cat:

November 27th, 2006, 09:57 PM
Vets generally won't groom a cat unless they're under anaesthetic and doing that even 2 times a year is not good for the cat's kidneys at all.

IMO, either go to a groomer or learn to groom her yourself.:shrug:

And the best way to get a cat to lose weight is by feeding less and exercising more. Weight loss diets are usually full of fillers and can cause more weight gain.

November 28th, 2006, 04:39 PM
I agree with Prin and others who have suggested feeding this kitty less, shaving her - tho make sure you find a good groomer (maybe even stay there, I have lately for some reason heard horror groomer stories who anesthetize a pet (or give them some sedation, a big no no in my book, esp if they have no medical background and even then it is unwise). I myself for ex clip my kitties' claws regularly and all but one (One of the Syhnx Girls) do not mind this at all since they've had it done since they were kittens, For Chelsea, the one who for whatever reason, is not kean on it, I do it in stages. I would never - even though I can and have the meds at my disposal - drug a cat for something as trivial as grooming - not to be confused with a vet shaving and dematting a cat who needs it.

if she is cat person, perhaps she can learn to groom the cat herself or have someone help her? if not, a good reputable groomer seems to be the answer. That and less food and more exercise (Take the cat for walks and maybe if there are other cats, she will have to learn to play with them and this can be good exercise too.) I know I myself get exercise chasing the cats when it is bath time (Sphynx have to be bathed often and while they do not seem to mind that much, they would prefer to be playing or doing something else.) All my cats delight in chasing one another and when YY was a kitten she herself developed a game where she would hide and meow to me and then run so I had to chase her - she thought this was highly amusing. I waited for her to "ahem, grow up" but she'd decided it is still fun to mewo for meomy to come and play, lol

So that's my prescription - Less food, (and good food too), more exercise and grooming by the woman or a professional groomer. It is too bad that whoever had this kitty allowed her to get in this deplorable condition.

We once had a neighbour whose cat weighed 32 libs!! Amazingly, he was quite healthy and never needed any help grooming tho he was a domestic short hair too. He lived a long life too and could run quite well. (Your story reminded me of him just now.)

Good luck to your friend!!