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Puppy Class progression

November 26th, 2006, 09:03 PM
Hey guys,
Just wanted give everyone an update on how Duke's puppy classes have been going. He started three weeks ago and on his first day was constantly barking, growling, and snapping at the other dogs as it was his first cahnce since he came home to socialize with younger puppies close to his age ( he gets lots of socilization with older dogs). Since then he has greatly warmed up to the situation and now is much calmer and confident around other puppies. In the class we've so far covered sit, started working on stay, working on recall, taught the loook command and today ( I couldn't go as I spent the whole night puking with a fever of 103.5) my mom and brother brought him and they started working on down.

I'm really happy to see he's adjusted so well to the situation and that the rest of my family are now starting to get on the same page with him. The trainer keeps commenting on how intellegent he is and that his attention span rivals that of some of the puppies in his class which are a few months older then him.

We've also started getting him used to the agility equipment after class in their man offlesh park area and he went from cautiously sticking his head in the agility tunnel to now joyously running through and knows over for small jumps ( I only let him do a few small ones that are 4-6'' off the ground to avoid hurting his developing joints). He's also meet many other dogs at the offlesh park and in piticular likes an adult italien grey hound since it's so close to his size.

He was supposde to start puppy club today which is just a pure socilization free play class with other puppies under the age of 8 months to further help him learn how to properly play with younger dogs however due to being so sick last night and all today we had to postpone him starting until next week.

I'll get some pictures next week of him actually attending class

Anyways just wanted to let everyone know how Duke's doing and I have an update pic of him for anyone curious.

(p.s he went yesterday to the vet for his last bordatella, and lyme shots and in the last two weeks he went from 14.5 pounds to 25 pounds)