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EEK-I'm Thinking about going back to University

November 26th, 2006, 03:54 PM
So I'm considering going back to school. This is my last week of work, I've been laid off for the winter:sad:, I've toyed with the thought of going back for a couple years, but it's never been a good time. I've been to university once and dropped out, and then went to college and got a diploma, but I've always felt like I cheated myself by not completing university. So, I'm looking into getting my degree. My husband is cool with whatever I want to do, but we'll have to live on his pay cheque and spend the money that we were hoping to put towards a down payment on a house. I figure my job prospects will be better after getting my degree and we'll be able to save money faster and still buy a house within the next couple years.

The program that I'd like to apply for would compliment my college diploma (and hopefully I'll get some advance standing for some of my courses), so I'm crossing my fingers that this will get me a better paying job within the field that I'm already in.

So my question is, have any of you gone back to university in your late 20s? Did you regret it? Did it put a strain on your relationship? Was it harder than you expected it to be? Did you get a better job out of it?

November 26th, 2006, 04:50 PM
I went back when I was 22 after working and travelling for 3 years..

I regret it a bit... It did strain the relationship a lot because my man lost the freedom to quit his job when it was really bad, and it also put a ton of pressure on him because his field is seasonal, so he had to save in case he got laid off for the winter too. It also strained because he expected me to take care of the home alone because I wasn't at school 40 hours a week (even though it was probably more than 40 hours of work a week).

And in the end, I went into debt, now I can't find a job with my degree (or even without it...). It's like the work experience before going back to school doesn't count... Like starting fresh.:rolleyes:

Did you regret it? Did it put a strain on your relationship? Was it harder than you expected it to be? Did you get a better job out of it?So, maybe (I like learning, but I could do without the unemployment and debt), yes, no (you get used to being a student among all the young people pretty quickly, IMO), no... :shrug:

That said, I think I would regret not going too.:shrug:

Good luck!

November 26th, 2006, 05:08 PM
I went back to school when I was 24. I don't regret it at all, because I'm almost done, and I love the field I studied in. BUT, I'm lucky that it's a field where there's alot of work right now, so research what you want to study first.

It obviously puts a slight strain on a relationship, not just financially, but also because of exams and stress. but I think it made our relationship stronger in the end. I know I can depend on my man for anything (he's supported me through school) and after 9 years of being together, we are getting married :D

I say : GO FOR IT!!

November 26th, 2006, 05:20 PM
i dropped out of a 4 year course after 2 years.(unexpected family)...i started my own business and do very well........but i do wonder what might have been.....look at all your's vs con's....and if possible go for it :thumbs up

November 26th, 2006, 06:00 PM
Go for it! You will find you can concentrate on your studies more now than when you were younger, if you relationship is solid and meant to be it will weather the time needed to study and do homework, will there be some strain, yes, but it seems your spouse is supportive and that is a great start.

I was a divorce single mome when I went back to school but I made the mistake of trying to take shortcuts in order to get off welfare, so ended up enrolling in a business college rather than going to university. Once I completed the course I found the salaries what places were willing to pay for someone that went thru business college was significantly lower than for someone that went thru university in fact it was so bad that in some cases the annual salaries ended up less than mimimum wage, which meant I could not support myself and my son on, I had to take contract work instead which paid more in order to pay off my student loans but I was putting in about 18 hours a day which left me no time for my son, after a year when I finally got my student loan paid off I quit and went into factory work so I could be a mom to my child again but wages were still low and even just providing the necessities was a challenge, and at time I was working 2 jobs as needed, till I landed a better pay factory job as an autoworker,
25 years later I still regret not having chosen university instead I could have had a fairly comfortable , but I blew it and could not afford to back to school again, Sometimes you only get once chance in life, if you throw it away the opportunity may never present itself again.

Ask yourself one thing, with your current diploma would you be able to support yourself comfortably should your relationship end in 2 years from now? If you stay together and you get you degree there will be less stress once your get your home and carrying a large debt because even if you get laid off again there will be more job opportunties available to you than there are now with only the college diploma.

November 26th, 2006, 07:19 PM
Wow, thanks for all of the input guys! It seems that overall, I can't go wrong if I return to school.

Some of what Prin said struck a chord, my husband has a degree in Biology and could not find a job, he got disheartened and decided to go to college (where we met), and now every job (including his current one) that he has had since graduating has been due to his college diploma, he sometimes says that his degree was a waste of money. Hearing the stories of people who are struggling to find work after university is definitely troubling, cause you never want to feel like you wasted your money.

I think that my area of potential study (Environmental, Geography/Geographic Information Systems) is good for jobs at this point in time. I try to keep current on the jobs that are available in my field, and alot of them require a university degree, so I'm pretty sure that finding work afterwards won't be too difficult.

Goodluck with finding a job Prin.

Angies Man
November 26th, 2006, 07:19 PM
I'm 55 in two weeks and if there were anyway to afford it, I'd go back in a flash. (and I have a master's degree already.)

My choice, I think, would be to go back for a year of undergrad to make up for some lousy intro Chem grades and to pick up some pre-med courses and then do a two year course in Physician's Assistant.

But then, I'm almost 55, and I'd be almost 60 before I'd finish. . .

November 26th, 2006, 09:10 PM
Angie's Man, I think here in Ontario, senior citizens go to university for free. In no way am I saying you're a senior citizen:D :D , but if you wanted to do it, it's possible to get it done if you want to wait until you're old enough!

November 26th, 2006, 09:12 PM
Thanks. Funny because I thought about getting a college degree to get a job.:D

btw, I said "strain" a relationship, not break it...;) It just makes it tougher for a while, but nothing two good people can't recover from.:shrug: