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Switching cat to raw too!

November 25th, 2006, 10:32 AM
Okay, so seeing how well Barkley is doing on raw, it is getting harder and harder feeding our cat, Luna, her same old kibble. She is five years old and recently got a little chunky so we switched her to a reduced fat kitty kibble. However, we noticed she's getting flakes in her fur and to be honest, she hasn't lost any weight on this new food.
So, what can everyone tell me about switching a cat to raw food? I heard that it can be more challenging because they are more finicky and Luna definitely falls under this category. How many times a day do you feed them and what do I need to know about appropriate bones for her? How are their dietary needs different than a dog's (ratios of meat/bone/organ meats, etc.)? Any and all information is needed and greatly appreciated.

November 25th, 2006, 12:33 PM
I could be way out to left field here, but since the switch with the dogs I figured "why not" the cats too!
So they eat raw as well. They are NOT picky eaters so it was really easy to do. I just basically take a bit from the dogs food ( chicken and lamb mostly) and feed it to them as well. The bones they eat on their own so thankfully I dont have to grind anything up ( Im just super lucky with my animals all liking this stuff so much) they get chicken backs(meaty), frames(when im cutting my own meat off of it) and pureed veggies mixed up with the ground chicken ( preground from the grocery store) they love it and eat it all.
And their poops did get a bit runny the first few days but nothing too bad and is all cleared up now. But if i try to feed them kibble they look at me like im trying to kill them:o
I am still researching as well about raw for cats and the main thing I have found is the food has to be warm( room temp) for cats.
If I find anything else out I will be sure to post here, and same goes for you please :o cause im still learning too.

November 25th, 2006, 12:42 PM
Your very lucky to be able switch cats. Mine wont. I've tried and they've shown no interest in it. Next kitten i get I will start them on it, but older cats be very hard to switch, and fasting a cat is not a good idea.

November 25th, 2006, 01:44 PM
Thanks guys. Is there anything I need to know about avoiding with cats that are different than feeding for dogs? (ie tripe, certain meats, etc. -are cats allowed tripe too?) Also, how much raw do you feed a cat? Is it the same percentage of body weight as dogs? much to learn:o