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my two 9 week old kittens sneezing due to me batheing them

November 22nd, 2006, 10:19 AM
I have two kittens gotten two weeks ago, and one had a little poo problem which was a little worse after their first kitten shots, dewormer, and ear shot drops. so I tried the pumpkin and switched to wellness canned kitten last night and so far so good. but being a new mommy I made a big mistake and 'washed' kitty clean on 3 instances to clean off her fur and let her air dry in a drafty apt. now she is sneezing and last nite her sis started. no discharge, both are eating and playing, [ i hate to be a commercial, but much more so after the wellness :)] and when they sneeze it's just like the 'spray' from a human cold. I can't use a spaceheater, i am afraid they will touch it, what should I do to keep them warm, it is cold in there, but i will deal, what about them????


November 22nd, 2006, 11:58 AM
Get them a heating pad, set it on 'low' (in fact, tape it at 'low'), put it on their bed or a soft cushion and cover with a big towel or blanket folded to create four layers (at least) to prevent them from being burned. It doesn't take much. Never never set it above 'low'.
It works even better if you have a cardboard box (one they can get out of). Slice one corner so the cord can pass through. Then as above. If your apartment is drafty, the sides of the box will protect them and conserve the warm air a bit longer.
A hot water bottle is also fine, except that you have to keep replenishing it. Wrap it in a couple of layers of towel or blanket and tuck it next to them.
If their secretions become coloured (yellow or green) or they start breathing through their mouths, get to the vet.
And no more baths please, cats don't need baths except in dire circumstances (such as a skunk). A damp washrag should take care of poopy behinds or whatever else.

November 22nd, 2006, 12:54 PM
thank you. I, ofcourse have been chastised by my boyfriend, sister [cat mommmy of 8 years], after the fact :(. thanks for the advice. i could really hurt myself for this, but let me just get on the bandwagon to doing this, so I can see what happens before saturday [if I needthe vet that day]