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Sunny is now related to the rich and famous

November 21st, 2006, 11:29 AM
Sunny recently became related to the rich :o and was born to fame

Meet Greys Bricklayer who was recently purchased for

$80,000 !!!!!!!! :eek: The highest price paid for a greyhound,
Lester Raines and Ron Wiltse pulled their resources and purchased Greys Bricklayer for an unprecedented $80,000. The record-selling pup, sired by Baci and whelped from Greys Splashdown, was the center of attention during the meet. Instant Lee (Brett Lee x Gable Ruth) set the tone with a track record of 29.74 in race four eclipsing last year`s record by .05 seconds. Three races later Greys Bricklayer exploded out of the box leaving the field in his dust. He won by nine and a half-lengths lowering the mark to 29.69. The opening bid for Bricklayer was $40,000. Cary Alsobrook and Lester Raines entered into a bidding war over Bricklayer. The bidding stopped at $80,000 topping last year`s record $70,000 price paid for Rooftop Gizmo. "We`re going to take him to Daytona and try and win the pole," said Raines after the sale that bid the highest.

His pedigree

He is related to my grey Sunny though Dutch Bahama his grandsire who is in Hall of Fame.

Sunny's pedigree

November 21st, 2006, 01:40 PM
I hope Sunny's famous half bro thrice removed has a good life.:fingerscr