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Adventures at Petsmart

November 20th, 2006, 05:48 PM
Every time I go to that store I walk out vowing that " this is the last time I am coming here"
But... so much fun stuff to look at.

Puppy and went into PetSmart tonite and he was sooo stoked! ( all the smells) actually our visit wasnt that bad there today, however, some of the other "pet Parents" are IDIOTS ( im sorry but there is no better way to word this)

As most of you know Puppy is ginormous and kinda on the cripply side. So what are the Pom, poodle, chi owners doing??? Letting their dogs jump up on Puppy, tangling themselves around his legs:eek: and just being totally obnoxious... The other owners thought it was "funny" that Puppy was putting up with their dogs so well......
I lost it though! He almost fell over ( due to leashes around his legs) and I snapped. yup, made a scene!:o But come on... I asked politely for them to keep their dogs under better control but since Puppy was all too happy to meet and greet , my pleas went unanswered until I lost it.

Was I wrong to bring him there? He loves to go. But is it some unwritten rule if you will, that your dog has to be of great health and stance to go in????

I think there should be some sign at the door to keep your dog away from other dogs ( or atleast restrict thier leashes a bit)

Well thats my miserable rant of the night!
Thanks for reading.

November 20th, 2006, 07:15 PM
I know how you feel!!!

I went to Petsmart a couple weeks ago after having dinner with my mom and my stepdad. It was 8:30 at night and I needed to buy catfood. I had Nikki with me (the parents insist on me bringing her for dinner) and I was NOT leaving her in the car (it was cold) so I brought her in with me. And I promised her a treat for being so good at the folks.

Well, we interupted a training class. I had no idea that they were there. They were partly lined up along the back of the store. I had noticed that there were a lot of people in the front half of the store that were part of the training group (they were walking around practicing walking on a leash and such) SO i was trying to be polite and by-pass them by going along the back aisle... where (apparently) the rest of the class was, working on things like "sit" and "stay". The other owners seemed to be fine that I was trying to navigate around them, trying to distract their dogs as little as possible while they were trying to learn, but the Petsmart guy came right up to me and said "Can I help you with something??" and I said "No, Sorry, I just needed catfood (the aisle where all these dogs were all lined up...) and we are just heading over to get something for the Dog on the other side of the store" and he pretty much said "please leave us alone" and accused us of interrupting them on purpose!!! I was so mad, but more than anything EMBARASSED!!! And Nikki is really well behaved at Petsmart (she knows she is getting a treat so she listens to me... and I think she was overwhelmed with ALL the dogs that were there... there must have been at least 20 dogs with all of their owners... and late on a wednesday night... who knew???).

One family and their dog (a golden :cloud9: ) actually came over to us afterwards to introduce their dog to us. Such a sweetie!

Yesterday when I went to petsmart (without Nikki) there was this sweet little Yorkie, but her owner was not paying attention to her at all!!! She was at the end of her leash, on her hind legs, pulling, and her owner was just ignoring her and shopping!! I felt bad for the little sweetie...

I think leash walking rules should apply within petsmart as they do on the street. When I approach another person walking a dog (or even just a person walking), I warn them I have a puppy and she can get excited, I put her in a sit/stay and slowly let the other dog approach (if they want to) so they can have a polite, non-excitement greeting. When people tell me that their dog isn't good with puppies, I give them lots and LOTS of room to go around us. Maybe it's because my last dog was NOT good with other dogs (he was my dad's dog when I was growing up), but it's just polite! You don't know what the other dogs history is! If you had told me that your dog had trouble standing or whatever, I would not bring my pup over to jump on him! I don't blame you for making a scene!!! but apparently I also make a scene when I am at Petsmart...:o

I think from now on, I will just buy things online...

November 20th, 2006, 07:26 PM
Cinna.. email Petsmart. I've had a bunch of headaches and hassles with them. And they've gotten delt with, or apologized for. Means I'm a cranky person.. but sadly it's one of the few places to shop locally here.

I actually think management gets in trouble when you email, since it goes through petsmarts higher ups and then makes it to the store..

November 20th, 2006, 07:36 PM
pretty soon, petsmart will ban all dogs from entering the store just to avoid the hassles and complaints - all thanks to a few rotten apples that ruin it for everybody :shrug:

November 20th, 2006, 07:41 PM
Hey Mafia,

I may just have to send them an email. I was so shocked (and I'm usually not too confrontational.) that i just went away and continued with my shopping (although we shopped a little more quickly). I wish I was a bit more confrontational, but at the time, all I wanted to do was finish shopping quickly and get home.

The guy who was leading the training (and who came up to me) was about 17, and I just explained it away as a young punk who just had no common sense. I mentioned it to the cashier, the only other associate in the store, and she said she was going to pass it on to management...

But this is Alberta in the middle of a HUGE problem with unemployment - mainly, if it's a retail store, they WILL be very understaffed, and as a result they keep on crappy workers because it is better than no workers...and i think I am just getting used to rude sales people (I worked retail last year, as the problems were all starting, and I had a LOT of crappy coworkers that I was constantly apoligizing for and trying to get fired...but bad coworkers was better than working by myself!)

and petsmart is basically the only store we have around here too. There are a bunch of smaller stores, but they are SO expensive...