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Hi everyone!

Mocha's mum
November 18th, 2006, 10:12 AM
Hello everyone, I'm new to this "forum" thing, so bear with me! I figured this would be a good place to get information and talk to people about my pets. So, I'll give you all a little background information....

I have a five year old Lhasa cross named Mocha. He's very needy and vindictive (sometimes), but he's my baby, and I like to cuddle with him every chance I get. Last February (?) he was having some severe pain, so naturally, I took him to the vet hospital (because pets don't get sick Monday to Friday, 8 to 5, right!). I thought he was constipated because his back was all hunched up, he had anorexia, and didn't have a bowel movement for at least a day. It turns out he has IVDD. So, I went home with some muscle relaxants and analgesics that cleared up the problem.

Fast forward to June. I was away on course in Nova Scotia from mid May to the end of June. I was thrilled to come home and see my 'boys' (Kris and Mocha). Two days later, Mocha started to lose the ability to control his rear legs, and started deficating in the house. The thing that scared me the most was the fact that I didn't think he knew he had lost the control of his bowels...I was devastated and promptly took him to our vet. After more X-rays, the vet told me that Mocha had one less lumbar vertebrae that he should (wierd!), and that his IVDD was flaring up. I was sent home with Metacam and instructions for strict kennel rest. So, for two and a half months (and weekly visits to the vet), I carried Mocha outside to relieve himself, and cuddled him on the couch with a warm bean bag on his back. Even my 'hard core' hubby was heart broken and did what he could to help out.

Now it's November, and all is well. Mocha has made a just about full recovery. He's still a little hunched in the back, but I don't care. He's not allowed to do stairs, and not supposed to jump on the furniture. We recently got a new bed which is a million feet high, and Mocha is determined to jump up on it. So, off I go to the pet store to buy him a little ramp so that he can come and go as he pleases!

My roommate recently brought home a kitten which she found out in the training area in Shilo. I think her name is 'Chimo', but Kris and I call her Mutton. Her and Mocha are great together. They're both really needy, so it's hard to divide my attention between the two of them.

Anyway, I think I've babbled enough about my dog. Ha ha ha!! I always say though, I don't have kids, I have a dog. And that's all I want. Mocha means the world to me. I've had him for five years, and he's stuck by me through thick and thin. I explained to Kris one day that I went through some tough times in the past, and Mocha was the one constant thing in my life. He was always there, and always happy to see me. I love him to pieces, and wouldn't trade him for the world!!

It's great to be part of this 'community'. I'm going to look for some threads on food allergies; I think (well, I know), that little Mocha is allergic to something, and I'm determined to find out what it is. Hey, if we can get through IVDD (for the meantime), we can get through a food allergy!!

November 18th, 2006, 01:37 PM
Welcome to the forum.

I am sure you will find a lot of valuable information here.
Good to hear that Mocha is feeling better now:)

November 18th, 2006, 02:39 PM
Welcome to ! Lots of great folks, information and support here ~ happy to hear the Mocha has both found a riend and is on the road to better health!:)

November 21st, 2006, 02:59 AM
Welcome to the forum.....we'd love to se pics of your babies.