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Some pics of my more scaley pets * lots of pics*

November 18th, 2006, 03:24 AM
Since I'm still relatively new on the site I thought I should take a moment to post a few pics of my less furry pets.

To start off this is Nicky and his mate Craxy, their both normal cornsnakes and nicky was my first snake who I recieved 5 years ago at age 12. Nicky measures out around 4 feet where as craxy is pushing 5 feet and is 4 years old.

Next is my 4 year old ball python, Starburst, she's always been a slow grower despite taking down f/t large rats every other week and is only around 4 feet.( this shot is about 2 years old but the only one I can find at the moment)

After Starburst their's my personal favourite of the bunch Kaipo, my 2 year old dog tame, 50/50 Jag Jaya Carpet Python who is ridiculously calm and is a favourite among my younger cousins. He's around 6 feet now and still has a bit of growing left and will prolly reach 8 feet or so by next year or so.

Then theirs Tara, my year old female Jungle Carpet Python, whos eqaully calm and very interested in her surroundings

Besides my snakes I also have two lizards, the first is a rescued bearded dragon I recieved by fluke while working at my last job in the reptile department at a locally run pet store. One night while spraying down reptiles I noticed a little dragon face down in the sand and went into the enclosure to investigate. Unfortunatly a few of the larger cagemates attempted to eat him and he has deep bite wounds into his skull and on his left eye ( both eyes were shut and he was completely lifeless) still though badly injured and knowing he probabaly wouldn;t survive the night I took him home to try my best to see what could be done for the little guy. I spent all night rehydrating him and getting some food into him though he was so lathergic and enemic I had to syring feed him a mixture of 2:1 meat and veggie babyfood with calcium added 4 times a day. To my surprise he lived the night and I took him to a herp vet the next day. After spending a fortune on vet bills and syringe feeding and watering him daily for 3 months he finally opened his eyes and began to move around again, very slowly.

Over the next few months he began making huge improvement and began to hunt by himself and soon was eating both prey items and salads all by himself. He's now 9 months and doing 100 times better:)

And lastly is my 3 month old male Blue Ambanja Panther Chameleon ( won't display bright blue colouration until he's older)

Thanks for looking

November 18th, 2006, 03:52 AM
I'm not actually a big fan of snakes. I even have phobia for them. You really have a heart for snakes. I find this really unusual since only few would love to take care of them and make them their pets. I admire you for taking care of them and being able to keep them friendly.

November 18th, 2006, 09:21 AM're snakes are amazing!! I love the color of starburst. And your little chameleon is too cute for words.

November 18th, 2006, 09:41 AM
wow, that is a crazy amount of reptiles, they're all gorgeous. Where do you keep them all?

November 18th, 2006, 04:47 PM
Thanks for the comments everyone.
I've always had a huge love of snakes and reptiles so when I meet people who are afraid of them it's a bit of an odd concept for me but I can understand why many have preconcideved notions about them. After all growing up through movies, media, our fellow peers and western religious views all teach us that snakes are scary and evil and mean us great harm.

Though this is far from the truth, I can understand how many people have come to this state of mind and is why whenever possible I try to educate people on the street as much about them as possible so maybe next time the see a scary garden snake in their yard before killing it to protect themselfes or children ( it's important to understant a snake will only bite out of defence and simply teaching children to respect and leave them alone if they do see them is the best defence) they might think twice.

Kaipo is by my far my best educational snake as besides his sheer size he is a complete puppy and ridiculously mellow. He accompined us to our first timne vending at a reptile expo up north a month ago and made a big impact on the crowd who were very receptive to learn about the important roles snakes play in our enviroment and I had a fun time dispelling alot of myths people had about them.

Here are a few pics of guests attending the show getting a chance to get over any fear of snakes they had

Kaipo showing himself off to the crowd

Back to the question about what I keep them in, they all reside in my room and I even had to downgrade my bed size to fit Kaipo's large 6 foot long by 30'' wide by 30'' tall cage. Everyone else is in assorted cage sizes but I'm in the process of building larger more spacious cages I'm just waiting on my repti plastics cage to be finished and be shipped over from montreal for my beardie so I can stack the new cages on top of it.

Here's a pic of Kaipos large 260 gallon flexarium. It features all natural branches which were disenfected and soaked in nix after being collected from outside and a live ficus plant and fake vines. He has two basking sites which are around 88 and the cool end dips down to 70 and he has a UV light to bring out his colour. He also has a large cat litter pan to go swimming in and the floor is covered with orange towels as carpet pythons are semi aboreal and do not burrow.

Next is Goliath's cage, it's a 60 gal measuring 3' long by 2' wide by 18'' tall, it features sand bedding, and lots of climbing logs and a water bowl to soak in. His lighting features include one basking spot around 110 degrees and a repti sun 10.0 UV lamp.[/IMG]

This is the cage that should be finished by next week that will serve as his adult cage so I'll get some pics when it arrives and is all setup

Next is a picture of nicky hanging out on one of the branches of his cage ( a 45 gallon) Once I'm done building his new cage it will measure 4' long by 12'' wide and 18'' tall.

And a similar pose of Tara in her cage ( 20 gallon tall), when she's older she'll be housed with Kaipo as his cage is large enough to allow both of them plenty of space similar to how zoos house their specimens

Here's a picture of Mombassa's cage ( a 65 gallon tall). It features all live plants including species of ficus and pohtos and paper towl on the bottom ( note the reason you see no water bowl is because chemeleons only drink water off leaves which is why they need to be heavily misted three times a day)

Also for anyone whos interested this is what Mombassa will grow up to look like as he still only has his dull baby colours

One last picture for anyone whos interested I just found an old picture of myself holding my friends columbian boa, Floyd.


November 19th, 2006, 10:01 AM
Sounds like you really know what you're doing!:thumbs up

pug lover
November 20th, 2006, 06:57 AM
favorit treats :rolleyes: spud--beardie-- sour cream timbits:cloud9:

November 20th, 2006, 07:10 AM
I have no real fear of snakes,I find them beautiful and it's great to see pet-snakes beeing well taken care of.
What bothers me is people who get pet-snakes or any other reptile,for the shock value and don't really know how to care for them,to the reptiles demise.
They would not be my choice for a pet,maybe an Iguana if I was younger:D ,but I admire you for your passion and your obvious knowledge:thumbs up

November 20th, 2006, 07:32 AM
Wow! That's a great brood you have there, and they all look fantastic. Your baby chameleon is so cute. :cloud9: And that's a great rescue story for your beardie. :thumbs up