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Saying goodbye to an old friend

November 18th, 2006, 02:26 AM
5 years ago, fresh with the ugly wounds that a divorce can leave on a family we moved here to Ontario in with my mom's new boyfriend, feeling alone and depressed I didn't take to the new enviroment well and at age 12 had an extremely difficult time adjusting in school and making new friends. At such a insecure and lonely time I was met without judgement and unconditional love by my Step-uncles boxer, who lived upstairs in the same house as my mom's new boyfriend. She reminded me what it felt like to be loved again after feeling completely empty inside and showed me ever single day with unwaivering friendship their was still a point to go on and over the years helped me adjust greatly and reconnect to the people around me. Despite the looks of disgust or fear we recieved while on walks togther and the occasional person screaming out pitbull she continued to age with me and taught me how much joy each day could bring. One day in piticualr that showcased her bravery was a warm sunny day right after we had just moved in while we still bearly knew each other while walking her in the park, some moron had let his two poorly trained and aggressive large dogs offlesh and they ambushed us and started lunging at me. She instinctively placed herself inbetween the two dogs and myself and fought them off for 5 miniutes until the owner finally realised his dogs were gone and ran over to take them away.

Then on October 12th of this year, her 12th birthday, a mere two weeks after bringing home my first puppy that belonged completely to me she was diagnosed with cancer in her lymph noids and had a huge tumor growing in her throat that was making breathing extremely difficult and it was determined that operation would be to risky especially because of her age and we decided her best bet was to let her pass on to rainbow bridge.

I'd just like to take the oppurtinuty to let everyone know what big impact our pets can make in our lifes even when we don't notive it, simply by greeting us everyday with unwaivering enthusasim for life

R.I.P Diamond we all loved you dearly


November 18th, 2006, 04:01 AM
I really felt sad on reading this. It's true that our pets really make a very big impact in our life. Sometimes when we have difficulties, we turn to them and they are always willing to stay beside us and listen. Having to say goodbye to them at some point could be very painful.