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Copper's Vet Visit

November 16th, 2006, 05:51 PM
Well.......I took Copper today to see his doctor for his fly-snapping and the good new is she doesn't seem to think it is anything serious. She thinks he may have allergies or is allergic to flea bites. She asked a lot of questions, listened to his heart, checked his ears, and then she looked for fleas. At first she didn't find any fleas or flea dirt so we thought he didn't have fleas. Then........when she laid him down on his back/side so she could check his underside......sure enough....there was a flea!! He also has a little rash around the folds of his tail so she wiped it down and sprayed it with a cortisone/anitbiotic spray and told me to do this myself at home. She said that is probably the reason why he is rocking back and forth on his butt because he is a little on the overweight side and he can't reach it. This is his way of scratching it and he's probably biting into the air because he can't turn around and bite his butt to scratch it. She also shut the lights and took one of those instuments the eye doctors use and looked into his eyes. She asked me if I noticed him having any seizures or anything like that. When I told her it's just the snapping into the air like he's trying to catch fleas.....she seemed to think it was an allergic reaction to the flea biting him. She said some dogs are highly allergic to the fleas saliva and just one bite from a flea can send them into an itching frenzy. She also extracted (?) his anal glands and said they were a little blocked but nothing serious. No infection or anything. She gave him a dose of Advantage, told me to wash his bedding and vacuum the house really good and he should be fine. She said by no means is he infested with fleas so I shouldn't have too much of a problem. The Advantage should take care of any fleas that are on him now and the good vacuuming should get any other fleas/eggs that might be around the house. She gave me a 3 month supply of Advantage, a bottle of the cortisone/antibiotic spray, and told me to keep an eye on him. If it seems like it's not getting any better or he should have a seizure......bring him in right away. Other than being a little overweight........she said he seems like a very happy healthy dog. I also told her that he hasn't had any heartworm medicine since August, I believe, so come his regular yearly checkup in March......she will run some liver tests and things like that. She said if a dog does have heartworm, it takes 6 months for it to show up in their bloodwork anyway so there was no point in doing a blood panel at this time.

Well.......I guess that's about all for Copper's visit. Have to go now and get my son from work. Just wanted to fill you all in on how it went.


November 16th, 2006, 06:03 PM
Does your dog only do this biting in the air thing when he is sitting, trying to scratch his bottom?

The dog that we had when I was growing up had anal gland problems and whenever she would scoot along trying to scratch her bottom, she would stick her head up in the air and open and close her mouth, and sometimes lick her tongue in and out.

I was just wondering if maybe it was the same sort of behaviour due to the itchiness in that area?

November 16th, 2006, 06:49 PM
Yes.......he basically only does this when he is sitting. She did check his anal glands and she emptied them but she said they didn't seem like the were infected or anything. She also said they weren't that badly blocked. She was just about set to rule out fleas but then I saw him/her on the side of his belly. I said to her..."what is that?" and she said....."oh.....that's a flea!!" He does have reddish sort of raw skin around the folds of the bottom of his tail though and he's not really "scooting". He's more or less rocking back and forth but then again....he is overweight and it might be a little hard for him to "scoot" she said. I couldn't believe it when he got off the scale and she said..."57 lbs.". I gotz to put my dog on a diet!! She said to just concentrate on him losing 5 lbs. for now. We'll worry about him losing more weight after that. I am just so relieved to hear from the Vet that she doesn't think it's anything serious. I was reading some horror stories about some dogs that do this fly-biting thing. I really did like her approach though. As long as he's not actually having seizures.....she doesn't feel it is necessary to put him through a whole string of tests. Usually I get the male doctor when I go there but I think I like her better. He (male doctor) just seems to be too routine and I never really walked out of there feeling like all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I was very satisfied with the way she handled things today and I don't feel as if I walked out of there still in the dark. I thought she was very thorough, also.

Well......going to read some posts before I go to work. Don't forget to give your furry kids a little rubbing behind the ears before bedtime.


November 16th, 2006, 07:01 PM
Yeah, it sounded familiar to me.

No I knew it wasn't an anal gland thing, it was just that my dog did it because that was her problem. I guess because the problem is in the same area, the same behaviour results. This dog was very overweight as well, very coincidental. I never heard of another dog, besides the one I had growing up, doing this sort of thing.

And gee if a little rubbing behind the ears was all I could get away with:rolleyes: lol, bed time means some serious cuddle time:D

November 16th, 2006, 07:19 PM
You know.......I was shocked myself when I found this website and there were people here who actually knew what I was talking about. I thought my dog was having hallucinations. In all seriousness though, it could be a sign of a more serious illness though. From what I've read and had confirmed by Copper's vet today, it could also be a sign of epilepsy or even more serious....a brain tumor. That was why she asked me if I noticed him having any seizures or acting any differently lately like losing his balance, walking into walls, or anything to that effect. When I told her no.....she strongly believes it is an allergic reaction to the flea bites. I'm going to keep a close eye on him and if I see any change for the worse.......he will be right back to the doctor ASAP.


November 16th, 2006, 07:25 PM
Oh yes, never take anything for granted. It is better to get it checked out, then to be sorry you didn't.
Well Good luck with everything:thumbs up

Rob n Cody
November 17th, 2006, 10:29 AM
Thanks for the update!! Sounds like good news, and I hope that takes care of it.
Have a great weekend everyone