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All the Husky Owners

November 15th, 2006, 10:14 PM
What type of dog food are you feeding your pets? Since my husky isn't a big eater I want her to have the best food for her. I've tried so many brands, but she just one eat them, won't even try! She can go days without eating.
She's been on Iam's since a puppy. She's almost 4 yrs. old now. Her first visit to a kennel was in September! I was worried. Since, then shes had a viral eye infection (one eye), and now she has had a urinary infection! I feel like I'm paying dearly for having a vacation! I can see maybe that she got the eye infection, but not the urinary infection. (??) She's been on antibiotics since September. She still has a trace of blood in the urine & no one knows why? She's had a blood profile & an x-ray of the bladder. She's in good health. I wonder if anyone has had this happen to their pet?

November 16th, 2006, 06:14 AM
I have two husky crosses and they can both be picky eaters at times (actually so can my spaniel cross) when ever they are not eating i take a table spoon of beef tripe and mix it in with their food to get a very light coating on all the kibble (if there is too much they'll just lick up the wet food and leave the kibble) I feed one of them Innova and the other Innova Evo RM. Im sure many people will have some helpful tips for you. and if you are curious about different types of food (Since Iams is not a good quality food) check out the food forum. there is some great advice on there for food choices. youll also find by switching to a high quality food your husky will shed less and their fur will become much softer. best of luck to you

July 5th, 2007, 06:13 PM
hi, i have 2 huskies at home, i treat them natural choice adult dry food, and they love it. i have once that my boy do not feel like eatting and i mix a little bit wet food, same brand with the dry food, and he loves it and eat them all! i think this brand especially help on their coating too, my black one's fur get more shiny than before~

July 5th, 2007, 11:00 PM
Wow, picky eaters eh? I had 2 Sibes while I was growing up & they were not picky at all they would eat anything:crazy:

July 6th, 2007, 10:48 AM
Being picky is not uncommon in Huskies but what should be noted is that it doesnt start out as actually being picky ;) Huskies in general require very little food in comparison to their size because they are able to utilize every bit of nutrition. After all, when the Chukchi would be off on a hunting trip they did not want all the food they hunted to simply be fed to the dogs so they could make it home. The dogs had to learn to be able to work off scraps as well as whatever they could catch themselves. Huskies tend to be very smart in that they know how much they need and tend to stop when they have had enough. You see this more with single-dog homes rather than multiple-dog homes simply because then there is competition and the liklihood of leftover food still being around later is slim to none. Both my boys would go days without eating because they knew they didnt need it. Now that they live together though, both will usually clean out the bowl at every meal.

The mistake many dog owners make is that when a dog refuses a meal (especially if it goes on for a few days) they freak out and think the dog hates the food, so what do they do? They immediately try to spice it up to intice their dog to eat, fearing that the dog might starve itself. So what does the dog then learn? "If I refuse a few meals and go hungry for a bit, better things come!" The dog then tests out this theory a bit by refusing some more meals later on and voila! Suddenly he is being served a filet mignon and a t-bone steak! Remember, a healthy dog will not starve itself to death!

When my guys refuse a meal I just calmly pick it up, throw it out and they get to miss a meal. If refusal goes on for more than a week (which up till now it never has) and the dog is becoming skinny enough to be concerned then I take him to the vet. The dog does not dictate what I put in the bowl, I do. I have never had a problem with a picky eater in this house simply because I do not allow it.

That being said, I rotate my dog's kibble between Orijen, Innova Evo and Innova RM. Sometimes I pick up other brands too just to give my dogs something completely different as I am a strong believer that variance in a dog's diet is important. They also get raw meat with every meal that could be anything from beef, to chicken to lamb to rabbit to venison and whatever else I can get for a reasonable price.

July 6th, 2007, 05:04 PM
We have an Alaskan Klee Kai, which is basically a miniature husky- he acts pretty much just like a husky :) He definitely will never have a weight problem! It always astounds me that some days he will just not eat what I put out for him, no matter how enticing. We normally rotate between Innova, EVO RM and Innova 6 fish (when we can get it) and raw meats too (turkey necks, beef ribs, pork etc). Everyone always raves about how their dogs love raw, but not ours. I'll put out a turkey neck for him and he'll look at it and then walk away, so I put it in the fridge for the next day (after leaving it down for about 20 minutes) and he'll do the same thing the next day! Eventually I just end up throwing whatever it is away because it's been in the fridge for too long. He eats kibble the same way, he picks at it for the 30 minutes it's there and then wanders off- sometimes he finishes it, most days he does not. I can even add water, broth, cottage cheese, eggs or canned fish and he still picks at it. But he's healthy and I'm not overly concerned. The biggest issue with his pickiness is what to use for treats. We had a hard time finding anything that would sufficiently motivate him in the presence of other dogs, until we discovered that he loves cheddar cheese! Good luck!

August 2nd, 2007, 11:07 AM
Try to search for a dog food known for health skin and coat. My husky would get skin allergies, scales, rash etc until I switched to premium brand.